If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, then you have to consider the role of the parent. 
Being a parent often requires you to place someone else’s dreams before your own. And when you add more children to the mix, your dreams fall lower and lower on your list. 
But that’s okay. 
Female entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg said it best in one of her tweets: 

“The entrepreneur’s dilemma:

Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep.

Pick 3.”

There’s this thing called the juggling act that many people like to do, but sadly, if you stop moving along everything will fall apart. 
Juggle Less, Move Smarter
Most entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible to have it all and not have to sacrifice something, while others just cut short on certain things to gain more time. 
But is there really enough time in the day? 
When I recently decided to focus early mornings on my blog, I knew something would have to give in: I’d be way too tired by the afternoon to do my workout routine during my boys’ nap time. And that’s what I sacrificed to make room for something I love. 
Although I continue to take walks in the morning with our pup, I also take that time out to relax and connect with family members. 
So, there you have my three: blogging, family and fitness. 
Last week, I sat down and drafted two schedules for me to follow. One was based on days when Jeff has to go into work early, and the other was based on his late days. 
He laughed and asked when would I sleep. I told him I was already going to bed by 9:30/10 and waking up before my first alarm anyway. Besides, my list of three things work well together. 
Through my blog I connect with friends. 
By walking daily, I keep up with my family. 
At night, I’ll reconnect with family, but during the day, the boys and I are busy being silly. 
I will admit that I’d like to focus more time on them from now on, but other than that, I think we have a pretty good balance of things. 

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