Goodbye late nights, hello sanity!

Working from home means you create your own schedule, but what happens when that schedule becomes a nightmare?

A couple of months ago, I decided to take control of my social life and drop the things that were making me feel overwhelmed.

Cutting back on the time I spent on my email was the first thing on my list. By tackling this, I was able to make other necessary changes to my life. I’m no longer getting distracted by emails throughout the day. In fact, I check my email first thing in the morning, again at noon and before bedtime prep.

Checking my email less frequently makes it easier for me to tackle the things on my list without making me feel overwhelmed.

Help Yourself First

Offering to help others is a great thing, but you “can’t fill from an empty cup.”

After chatting with a new friend, I realized I was spending way too much time answering questions and helping others. Helping others is great, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your productivity.

This new friend and fellow blogger/consultant suggested creating office hours. These would be the times I’d make myself available for anyone who is looking to pick my brain or needs help with anything. I thought it was genius!

Since our chat, I’ve already made clients and prospects aware that I won’t be readily available. This comes in handy with the new school year as well. It’ll allow me more time to focus on family essentials, like homework and projects.

Another way I’ve been able to gain more family time is by cutting off screentime after 9 pm. This gives me the time I need to focus on other things, like reading and pillow talks with my husband.

These days, I leave late-night work sessions for important deadlines. Otherwise, it can wait until the next day.

How do you make time for your family and friends?

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