These romantic patio ideas are a great way to create a space for you and your partner to enjoy together. Whether you’re looking for romantic balcony ideas or just outdoor patio decor, these simple tips will help guide your home transformation.

A romantic patio is great for date nights in the summer as well as family gatherings.
Simple cheap patio ideas are the way to go this summer.

If you find yourself wanting to spend less time at home and more time outdoors these days, then you may want to look into these simple patio ideas. 

With both families coming over during summer break, I’ve been working with my husband to reorganize the outdoor space. 

From new patio furniture to an outdoor dining area, together we’ve created a backyard oasis that feels like home. 

With inspiration from Pinterest and other homes in the area, it’s a mixture of modern and romantic touches. 

Creating a beautiful ambiance in the backyard was easier than I had imagined. With lots of help from my husband and his friend, the yard is everything I had imagined — and more! 

How Do I Make My Patio Look Nice? 

Laying out design ideas of what you’d like to add to your home, as well as a focal point, should be top of mind. 

When creating an outdoor look for your home, you’ll need to think of how you’d like to layout the area. 

Are you including a fire pit? 

Will there be a dining area? 

These questions are important because they help you think of ways to improve your outdoor living space. 

A simple way to start is by including a dining table and chairs. Think of the people who live in your home and how often you entertain guests. 

If you have people stop by often, then you’ll need more than two seating chairs for your set. 

The following links are from Target. As a Target affiliate, I’ll be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links.

Conversational patio sets are a nice touch because these can work for both dining and entertaining purposes. You can find which one works best for you. 

One thing to keep in mind is the material of the items for your patio. Always go with wood if you’re looking for durability. 

Also, wood patio sets are easy to sand down and stain. If you don’t have a shaded area, then you’ll want to look into adding an umbrella. 

Adding an oversized lumbar pillow to your seating area is perfect for a pop of color. 

There are cheap patio floor ideas you can try that help stain the flooring. You can renew your patio floor by staining the concrete

Other ways you can improve the look and feel of your outdoor space is by adding rugs. Colorful rugs are great for the summer and help brighten the area.

Add small patio ideas on your list to create a romantic outdoor setting
Make use of your outdoor space with small backyard patio ideas.

How Do You Make A Patio Romantic?

Setting up a romantic patio begins with love. The key is finding pieces for your backyard that you will love for more than a season.

Summer will come and go this year, but how you feel when entering your patio area is important. Create an ambience that is both inviting and relaxing. 

Not only are you looking forward to nights with family and friends in your outdoor area. You’re also looking for those quiet moments alone. 

Soft lighting is always a plus when organizing your space. From outdoor string lights to citrus candles. You can make the most out of your patio with these simple touches. 

This loveseat from Target is a great purchase because it gives you an area to enjoy alone or with a friend. 

I threw on the oversized lumbar pillow to add a little color. It’s great for sitting out and enjoying the evening sky. 

Outdoor dining furniture can get pricey. I found this 6-piece patio dining set for less than $1K. 

It’s a lovely touch for the yard and matched the loveseat I mentioned earlier. 

Another set I picked up from the collection was the 3-piece patio conversation set. It comes with two chairs and a small table. 

The set was a gift to my husband since he enjoys sitting outside for a smoke. I threw on a set of neutral pillows to help bring out the color of the patio set. 

How do I make my patio look nice? Use cheap patio floor ideas to refresh your outdoor space
Add multi-functional pieces in your romantic patio decorating ideas.

How Do I Make My Balcony Romantic?

To improve the look and feel of your balcony, you’ll want to add soft lighting. String lights are a nice touch to any space and are inexpensive. 

When looking for small patio ideas for a romantic balcony, you’ll need to think of ways you can make the area appear bigger than it is. 

You can do this by adding patterns and colorful pieces to your space. There are a variety of ways you can transform a small patio.

According to HGTV, you can create layers of comfort by adding throw pillows and soft lighting. Other suggestions from the home and garden TV network include: 

  • Add outdoor curtains to help section off areas throughout your space, as well as create a sense of privacy
  • Include a place to lounge such as a hammock or daybed to help with relaxing after a long day
  • Use multifunctional pieces is a great small patio idea because it allows you to use items in numerous ways while saving your space
  • Place greenery throughout your patio to give the space life and color
  • Add a cozy dining area such as a bistro set
  • Make use of colors in the patio to help breathe life into your outdoor living area by including pillows and such

An outdoor patio bench is a great example of a multi-functional item because it doubles as seating and a table. You can also opt for an outdoor storage bench to store pillows and other items.

Having extra storage helps you save space on a small patio.

cheap small backyard patio ideas
Outdoor patio ideas that work for small backyard spaces.

Other Cheap Romantic Patio Ideas To Try

Finding patio furniture for your outdoor space is one thing. Using your current items to create something like the romantic patios on Pinterest is another.  

Make use of the furniture you have by fluffing up your pillows or adding a throw pillow or two. These simple touches make a difference in the look and feel of your patio space. 

Additional outdoor patio decor ideas include lighting. Not only can you throw in string lights, but candles make a lovely addition to your outdoor living space. 

You can choose battery-operated candles or real ones. This will help create that amber look in your backyard. 

Outdoor covered patio ideas are easier because covered space will protect your furniture. If you’re looking for cheap ways to cover a patio, then you’ll want to try one of these three options from The YardSurfer.

  1. Buy a shade sail/cloth for your outdoor patio
  2. Add a wood frame with a translucent cover
  3. Create a palapa

Although these inexpensive options are great for the summer months, they don’t hold well throughout the year. 

The wood frame option needs to be treated and the palapa is a lot like a tiki hut, and doesn’t fair well under windy conditions. 

Your best option would be to purchase a shade sail/cloth to add to your outdoor space. These can be taken down throughout the year and are easier to replace. 

For more romantic patio options available at Target, head over to the Outdoor & Patio Ideas section for inspiration. Don’t forget to pick up a pack of water balloons for some family fun activities this summer!

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  1. That’s such a fun post. I love Wayfair. Their commercials crack me up, since that is the way my family looks when a package comes to our house!

  2. These sound like some absolutely wonderful ideas for making your patio a romantic hideaway – I am loving the look of the swing chair I could just curl up in that with a good book.

  3. Having a drink station outside seems to be the way to go now a days. Makes everything so easy. Seating and lighting is always important so good ideas for any back yard.

  4. I would love to do something like this! My backyard needs help so bad! I’m going to steal a few of these ideas and try them in my backyard.

  5. Good to know. Our patio looks scary right now and I’d love to update it. I’ll check out Wayfair! I need better lighting for sure.

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