There’s been talk about Russian Doll Season 3 coming to Netflix, but there’s really no need for a third installment. This post breaks down the madness of the Netflix Original and the importance of self-discovery.

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Russian Doll on Netflix sheds light on women’s empowerment. Image from Netflix.

Understanding who you are can make a difference in the things you’re hoping to accomplish in life. For Natasha Lyonne’s character in Russian Doll on Netflix, life feels like a never-ending party for her 40th.

Surrounded by those she loves (as well as alcohol and drugs), it’s not enough for her to continue on the same path anymore. Nadia comes to terms with this reality after meeting a young man named Alan, played by Charlie Barnett, who she tries to save from his own challenging path.

The two realize the moment their lives intertwined and quickly form a bond. A time in their lives when things begin to fall apart.

Both characters learn the value of coping with life situations and letting go of what they can’t control.

Season 2 Of Russian Doll

Time travel and trying to get rid of past mistakes become the main themes in Season 2. Getting through the 5 stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – is the goal here.

Taking the form of their mothers, the two travel back in time to fix what they feel could help their current situations. Minor shifts in the timeline create big problems in the future and they realize there’s more to what they’re trying to accomplish.

Finding themselves means coming to terms with a past they have no control over.

Snippets from the second season and how it all comes together.

Where Is Russian Doll Filmed?

The Netflix Original takes place mainly in New York, with parts in Budapest and East Berlin. Nadia finds herself in Budapest after a train ride into the past, and Alan visits East Berlin as his mom to learn more about his dad.

The show is for a mature audience (18+) and features drugs, sex, and alcohol. Despite brief nudity and curse words, the show is a wonderful depiction of women in power.

Will There Be Russian Doll Season 3

Although the Netflix Original show was a success and could potentially make the third installment, there hasn’t been any word from the popular streaming service on the topic.

Season 2 ended with a big reveal and little room for the story to continue. If there were to be a season 3, it would be nice to learn more about Alan’s role and his relationship with his mother.

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