I received four complimentary South Florida Adventure Passes this month in exchange for my thoughts. I hope you get a chance to explore this money-saving option as well. 
Family time is very important to us, but it’s been quite limited these days. My husband has been working long hours because his department is short-staffed. 
Any day that we get to spend together is always a good one. 
And this summer, things are about to get very interesting. 
Yesterday, we stopped by Jungle Island to pick up our South Florida Adventure Passes, and explore the place. 
Having these passes means we get unlimited access to seven local attractions: 

1. Sawgrass Recreation Park;
2. Flamingo Gardens;
3. Everglades Alligator Farm;
4. Young At Art Museum;
5. Perez Art Museum Miami; 
6. Jungle Island; and 
7. Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. 

It’s going to be a summer full of savings and lots of family fun. 
We arrived to Jungle Island at noon and all the animals were calm. Although I’m not a fan of caged animals, I did appreciate the variety of species you can find throughout the attraction. It was nice to see that there were free birds along the passage way. 

Some birds come from Central America, others from the South America and different parts of the world. All of which had vibrant colors. 
We didn’t have time to stop by Parrot Cove, but we admired it from afar. 

Our toddler was impressed by the leopards and all the other “meows”, as he calls them. 
From the Jungle Theater, we hurried through the Playground. Our toddler loves roaming through the Playground but since it was a school day, there were two different schools that have claimed the playground and we didn’t want our toddler to get caught in the craziness. 
We made our way through the Serpentarium, which was one of the creepiest places I’d ever been. 
At the Serpentarium you’re surrounded by different reptiles. And that means there are SNAKES! 
I almost fainted to the thought of our boys only having a glass in between themselves and this reptile. 

You get the best view of what it’s like to be up close and personal to an alligator in the Serpentarium. 
We all thought it was cool to see the alligators resting at the bottom of the water. 

We had such a great time at Jungle Island that we’re already planning our next trip. This time, we’re bringing our bathing suits so we can get a close look at Parrot Cove. 

Want to join us next time? 
Grab a South Florida Adventure Pass this week so you can start enjoying unlimited access to the seven attractions as well. 

Adult passes are $50 (plus tax, ages 13+) 
Child passes are $40 (plus tax, ages 3-12) 

Already have a seasonal pass to one of the seven locations? No problem. 

Existing annual pass holders or members at participating attractions can upgrade to South Florida Adventure Pass for $30 for adults and $20 per child ( plus tax). 

Head over to the website for more information. 

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