These second trimester must-haves are everything moms wish they had. Read on to learn more!

This post is part of the Giving Birth series and highlights everyday changes expecting moms will see in the second trimester. You can stop by the first installment of this series to read more on what to expect in your first trimester.

Life is starting to get a lot more interesting during these months. As you continue to feel your baby grow, you’ll notice some fun changes happening to your body.

Pregnancy tips from family and friends might still be rolling in, but you need to trust your doctor and yourself on whatever you’re feeling. Remember, Google highlights other people’s experiences.

Much like the advice from family and friends, it’s best to understand what your body is trying to tell you. That gut feeling is there for a reason.

These second trimester must-haves are everything moms wish they had. Read on to learn more!
Second trimester must-haves list and more!

Second Trimester Pains You Should Know

There are many changes that happen during your pregnancy and the pregnancy pains slowly begin to kick in during this time.

Leg cramps and dizziness are common second-trimester symptoms. This is when drinking more water comes in handy.

Dental issues might scare you at first when bleeding gums and sensitive teeth become an issue. It’s recommended that you visit your dentist throughout your pregnancy to understand how to properly care for your teeth.

Having a stuffy nose is another common symptom during the second trimester. It’s important that you take plenty of Vitamin C and eat different sources of this vitamin as well.

UTIs are common during this time and include symptoms such as painful and/or frequent urination, cloudy urine, and fever. Pregnancy UTIs can be dealt with through simple UTI remedies but must be treated immediately to prevent other issues.

A growing belly and uterus mean stretch marks and discomfort. If you weren’t showing last week, then you’ll start showing now in your second trimester.

I remember when I started to notice a little bump. It was enough to make my size 4 jeans difficult to button. This is the time when everything in your wardrobe will begin to look funny. You may want to invest in maternity clothes.

Please keep yourself hydrated, and for those of you who fear getting stretch marks, always wear cocoa butter. If you’re not a fan of cocoa butter, try baby oil after a bath/shower.

Shaving during your pregnancy isn’t going to be easy. For those of you who shave, you may notice unwanted hair growing faster than ever. I should know, I battled with my leg hairs throughout the first trimester.

Baby oil is one of the best second trimester must-haves. A friend recommended using baby oil to shave, and I have been using this method ever since. You want to use it after a shower but before you dry yourself off.

After applying baby oil, get your favorite razor and go for it. I personally recommend using men’s Gillette razorsthey have the best blades!

Sudden loss of memory during pregnancy hits harder in the second trimester. You know the saying “she has pregnancy brain” — well, it’s true.

I’d forget everything!

I had my husband come to every doctor’s visit with me and we’d always keep in touch throughout the day to remind each other of upcoming appointments and such.

I also downloaded a pregnancy app on my iPhone to help me keep track of my weight gain and my son’s progress. It definitely helped, and I was a happy mommy that never missed anything again.

Oh, and, don’t forget, it’s okay to continue having sex. Enjoy it!

This trimester might tire you out, but remember my advice from the first trimester tips? Sex is a great activity for you and your partner, and during this time, you won’t need to use any birth control methods.

I will advise that it’s important to drink plenty of water — it helps with lubrication during this trimester.

Dressing the bump during your second trimester can be difficult, These fashion pregnancy tips will come in handy as you experience second trimester pains.

Second Trimester Must-Haves For Your Closet

Getting dressed in the morning will start to feel like a challenge as your belly continues to grow. Don’t worry, this is why they invented maternity clothes and maternity bands.

These items help with making it easier to enjoy your pregnancy in comfort. Below are some ways to dress the bump during the second trimester.

Stick to dresses

The best thing to wear during your pregnancy is a dress. It’s easier to accessorize and layer. Also, throwing on a pair of maternity leggings will come in handy as your belly continues to grow.

There are a variety of pregnancy dresses that you can choose from, however, to help you save on money, I recommend buying skater dresses that can work as tops during your maternity.

Wear comfortable shoes

You may be tempted to throw on a pair of heels, but it will only increase back pains. Focus on comfort when you’re deciding on what shoes to wear during your pregnancy.

I chose dress sneakers and flats for work because they were the most convenient in my closet.

Ask a friend for clothing items

I was lucky to have had friends and colleagues that knew the pains of pregnancy. Office attire for a pregnant woman was hard to find. I asked around at the office and a colleague’s wife was willing to let me pick out a few things from her maternity days.

Your second trimester is when you'll experience mom brain. second trimester must-haves

Other second trimester must-haves include:

Pregnancy pillow (or a large pillow) for lumbar support.
Good bras to help with comfort
Love and support from those around you
Essential oils to assist with relaxation
Adult time with your partner
Cocoa butter oil to prevent stretch marks

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  1. I’m in the second trimester now, and definitely having more aches and pains since this is not my first baby. Water and rest sure help alot!

  2. I remember these days. It’s been a while but I remember preferring the second trimester to the first since I wasn’t as sick.

  3. You’ve got some great tips here. I wish I would have had more tips when I had my first child. You really do go through a lot.

  4. I’ve never been pregnant, but I think these tips will be useful for me in the future. I’ll share this text with my friends who are pregnant at the moment. 🙂

  5. This is a very helpful article. As someone who has never been pregnant and doesn’t have kids, it’s good to know what to expect at each stage.

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