Self-Care Wednesday: Your Wellness Check-In

Planning a day of the week to make time for yourself can be challenging for a busy mom. Learn why you should see your Self-Care Wednesday as a weekly wellness check-in.

Focusing on yourself during the weekends might be tough with all the house chores that await you. Your self-care day doesn’t need to wait for your chores to get done. Benefits of self-care include better physical, mental, and emotional health and improved well-being. Self-care includes everything related to staying physically healthy, including hygiene, nutrition, seeking medical care, and managing stressors in your life.

There are certain days of the week that honor self-care, including National Self-Care Day, International Self-Care Day, and National Self-Care Month.

What day is National Self-Care Day?

National Self-Care Day is celebrated on April 5th throughout the U.S. This is the day you can make time for your needs and well-being to ensure you’re able to properly manage your day-to-day. Although this date honors self-care across the U.S., it’s important to note that a self-care day can be any day of the week, even multiple times throughout the week or day. The amount of self-care you indulge in depends on how you’re feeling on any given day.

What day of the week is best for self-care?

Sunday is one of the most popular days of the week to practice self-care because it gives you the opportunity to reset before another week begins. There are a variety of self-care Sunday ideas you can try right here on The Self-Care Mom. Although most prefer this day, there are other options for when Sundays aren’t the easiest to schedule time for yourself.

Self-care on a Wednesday can be easier to remember and make an impact on how you feel throughout the week because it helps split the days.

What are the 7 pillars of self-care?

The 7 pillars of self-care are Mental, Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Spiritual, Recreational, and Social. It has been noted that a well-balanced self-care routine includes self-care activities that meet the needs of each one. You can break down self-care into 3 main components: Physical, Mental, and Emotional.

How do I start a self-care day?

Getting started with a self-care day is easier than you think. First, begin thinking of everyday activities that you can implement into your daily life to improve your well-being. These self-care Wednesday activities can include regular exercise, eating healthy, making sleep a priority, and relaxing with a book. Once you’ve decided on the activities you’d like to include in your day, think of your current schedule and begin to prioritize yourself between tasks by improving your time management skills.

Setting time aside throughout the day to practice self-care is the best way to begin your self-care journey. Start penciling activities and build out a mom self-care schedule that works for you.

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