SHEIN Outfit Ideas For The Summer

Searching for the right outfit idea isn’t always easy when you have kids at home. Planning a night out with your partner means a reason to get dressed up. These SHEIN outfit ideas are perfect for moms who are looking for that casual Saturday and more.

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Simple ways to improve your wardrobe for less.

Stylish threads aren’t the only things you’ll want to wear this season. Aside from comfortable swimsuits and summer mom outfits, there’s more to looking fabulous. 

While planning a summer fun schedule for the kids, you’ll want to start thinking of outfits to wear for upcoming occasions.

Why Is SHEIN So Expensive?

SHEIN is an international Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce platform, according to the company website.

If you’re looking for a good quality piece from the e-commerce website, then the prices will be on the higher end. There are great outfit ideas from SHEIN that aren’t too expensive and can be paired with basic looks. 

Be sure to zoom into the images to see the material of the clothes. This will help you know whether or not you’ll need to size up or down. 

Why Is SHEIN Bad? 

Some product reviews may drive you away from making a purchase, and that’s okay. Like any store, not all of the clothes available on the SHEIN website are worth purchasing. 

There are a handful of materials you’ll want to stay away from because they either look too cheap or don’t flow well with your figure. 

I’ve learned over the years that buying clothes that are made overseas can be tricky. Sometimes, the sizes run small. 

Reading the reviews and looking through images can help. You may get lucky and find someone who’s shared a photo and has your body type. 

This is helpful because you’ll be able to see how the clothing item will fit your figure.

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Include everyday staples to your summer wardrobe.

How Do You Put SHEIN Outfits Together?

From cookouts to dining on the patio with friends, you’re going to want to feel right in whatever you decide to wear. 

For inexpensive yet stylish looks, I visit the SHEIN website and grab a couple of outfits. You have to comb through the reviews to find out if the material is worth the purchase. 

These simple SHEIN outfit ideas can help boost your confidence and make you feel just right. You can always opt for a set available on the company’s website. 

This makes it easier to style your looks throughout the year. 

Rompers are always a hit during the summer months. Rompers are easy to wear and look great with a couple of accessories. This tropical print self belted romper from SHEIN is one of my favorite patterns. 

Vibrant colors and simple looks are perfect when heading out with the kids or some friends for brunch. 

You can style any romper with a pair of wedges, and you’ve got yourself a lovely outfit to wear just about anywhere this summer. 

Neutral color pants are a great touch this season. Styled with a basic top, and you’ve got yourself an everyday look with the family. 

Light colors are the way to go during the warmer months. The material can help you stay cool. 

Thin dresses are the perfect touch to your summer wardrobe. Not only are they lightweight, but these dresses are great for a day at the beach or a night out of town. 

If you’re looking for a short summer dress for some evening fun, then this halter belted dress is for you.

Choose a maxi dress if you’re looking for something with more flow and is less likely to ride up. 

Floral prints are a great touch for your closet. With this floral cut out waist lantern dress, you’ll feel the breeze. 

SHEIN Outfit Ideas For Plus Sizes

One of the things I love about SHEIN is that they have sizes for everyone. Curvy and plus size women can shop online and find great-looking styles from the brand. 

Like regular fit clothing items on the website, SHEIN plus sizes are not always true to size. You’ll need to read customer reviews and look through the images as well. 

Anything that helps accentuate your curves is a plus. 

SHEIN clothes do a great job in this and have various styles for plus size and curvy women. A friend recently told me that she loves the clothes from the website because she can always find something her size. 

Not only are the clothes fitting, but they’re also flattering. 

Regardless of your body type, there’s something for you at SHEIN. You’ll want to read the reviews in case you need to size up or down. 

Does Buying From SHEIN Beat Shopping On Amazon?

With more teens flocking to the SHEIN website, it’s no surprise the company is beating Amazon fashion by the numbers. 

SHEIN releases new looks daily and has stayed ahead of fashion trends. 

Armed with low prices and trendy looks, it’s no surprise more people have been able to benefit from shopping via the SHEIN website. 

Pre- and post-pandemic issues have helped the company drive sales. 

Although more people prefer purchasing their items on SHEIN, you have the option to buy their products from Amazon. 

There are two reasons why I prefer buying SHEIN products from Amazon: 

  1. The reviews on Amazon hold more value
  2. Some products arrive faster

Most of the people who review products on are doing so to gain points. There are few who are helpful and offer valuable insights to the product. 

The photos help, and you do see more of them on However, you’ll see more detailed reviews on Amazon as to why the product is or isn’t worth purchasing. 

Products on Amazon are often waiting at a warehouse and shipped to your address. SHEIN items from the company website are shipped from overseas. 

This may take longer for you to receive your items. 

With the Amazon Prime option, you can receive your packages sooner. This helps if you’re pressed for time. 

Orders from need to be properly timed. If you’re hoping to travel in that new bikini set this summer, then I suggest purchasing at least a month before your travel date. 

Those three weeks make a difference when you are expected to receive the item in less. 

Dresses from both e-commerce platforms are similar. The difference is you will find other, well-known brands among your buying options. 

Although you may want to opt for companies you trust, you’ll need to think of your budget. 

Smaller fashion companies are always a good option because they provide you with the exact look, without the heavy price tag. 

It’s up to you on whether you’d like to spend your extra money on quality. 

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  1. Tara Pittman

    This is the place that I buy my swinsuits. These are cute clothing selections.

    1. Fatima Torres

      They do have great swimsuits for sure

  2. TheSuperMomLife

    After I saw that they were selling a swastika necklace, I decided never to buy anything from them.

    1. Fatima Torres

      I know the feeling. They had been on so many people’s “BAD” list and they’ve apologized for it.

  3. Wanda Lopez

    I have purchased some pieces in Shein and have loved most of them. I think I returned two tops once. Other than that I always read reviews and purchase with care. Love them so far.

  4. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Those are some great points to keep in mind and thanks for the tips. I’ve bought some items and clothing from Shein before and I loved and had mostly good experience with them

  5. monicasimpson28

    I have been wanting to try Shein. My friend’s wardrobe is about 80% from Shein. She always has such good luck!

  6. clothedwithdignityco

    I am yet to buy any outfits from shein but I have heard positive things about the company!

  7. Anasha

    I love this honest review on Shein. They do have some adorable pieces.

  8. Jasmine - LoveLifeLaughMotherhood

    I LOVE shein, it’s almost the only place i buy clolthes now

  9. Life With Sonia

    Unlike me, my mum has a good eye for great quality on a budget. She knows the tricks and things to look out for.

  10. Ashley t

    Shein has really cute clothes. I love that they are affordable too.

    1. Fatima Torres

      yes! I like that SHEIN has various options.

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