Small bathroom remodel ideas are everywhere you look these days. Based on what is the average cost of a small bathroom remodel, it’s better to turn it into a DIY project and get the most out of your budget. 

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The average cost of a small bathroom reno goes from $1.5K to $15K.

Whether you’re looking for very small bathroom ideas or a quick way to improve the look and feel of your space, you’ll need to think of the end goal. 

Finding tips on what are the best colors for a small bathroom can be easy. However, before you can think of a color to paint your space, you’ll need to focus on what is the vision for your bathroom. 

Trendy styles are nice if you’re constantly changing your home decor. If you’re hoping for an evergreen look that will last more than a season, then you’ll need to focus on a more sustainable yet functional style. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Small Bathroom Remodel?

Typically, a small bathroom renovation could cost you anywhere from $1.5K to $15K.

According to, you can expect to pay an average of $3K for fixtures and an extra $100 per square foot for labor. In fact, the biggest difference between a large bathroom and a small one in terms of costs is the number of materials used and labor. 

The demolition of a small bathroom could cost up to $1.5K. Fortunately, no major tools are necessary for such a project. However, you’ll need basic demolition knowledge before starting. 

These basic demolition tips include understanding of electrical and water lines. Be sure not to damage these in the process. 

Learn how to properly dispose of wastes by renting a construction dumpster. 

Small bathroom remodel ideas that can help save you money include: 

  • Regrouting the tiles;
  • Refinishing the cabinets;
  • Resurfacing the sink;
  • Installing new fixtures; and 
  • Adding fresh paint

These simple touches can improve the look and feel of your space, while you continue turning your house into a home. 

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A list of color ideas for small bathroom decor.

What Are The Best Colors For A Small Bathroom? 

Bright and bold colors are a great combination when painting a small bath. According to, you want to give your powder room a burst of style with a chic color choice. 

These 10 paint color ideas are worth looking into if you’re hoping to add personality to your home: 

  • Vibrant teal;
  • Dramatic black;
  • Copper;
  • Magenta;
  • Powder blue;
  • Pretty plum;
  • Neon yellow;
  • Cherry red;
  • Serene green; and
  • Rust orange

Of these options, serene green is a great touch for a more neutral color. Mixed in with natural materials and light brown pieces, you can get the most out of the small space. 

Calming colors are also a nice touch to any small bathroom remodel. Powdery blues and greens are a lovely touch. 

Often associated with the sea and sky, these two colors are the perfect hues for tranquility. 

Greenish-yellow is associated with spring and rebirth. It is the color of hope for the future. 

Soft sherbert is a nice combination of light rust orange and salmon. This color can be used as an accent piece or light touches throughout. 

For a dark bathroom, you can add a light yellow color to the walls that will help brighten your space. 

Teal is another color that can signify tranquility and adds a tropical hue. This would be the perfect color to combine with wood finishes. 

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What Paint Colors Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger? 

If you’re looking for the right color to paint your bathroom, then you’ll want to think about ways to improve the size of your space. 

With a little paint, you can brighten up the place and make it appear bigger than it is. Lighter, calming colors such as shades of blue, green, gray, and tan. Throw in white accents or cabinets for a complete look. 

You can strategically place mirrors throughout as part of your small bathroom remodel ideas. For bigger projects like a tile upgrade, you’ll want to focus on small-sized tiles to help give the appearance of a bigger space. 

Avoid dark cabinets or white-wash them with paint to lighten the room. 

In general, you can opt for light colors of any shade to improve the appearance of your bathroom space. 

How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Small Bathroom? 

Aside from color changes in the room, you’ll want to focus on other touches that will help improve the area in your home. 

There are space-enhancing products that can also contribute to increasing the space in a bathroom. According to Bob Vila, the following products can help:

Final Thoughts On Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Laying out your ideas for the bathroom can be a great way to start your remodeling project. Armed with the color scheme and layout of your room, you’ll be ready to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

Keep in mind what colors work best for you and your home. Ask the professionals at the hardware store for advice and run with it. 

How would you remodel a small bathroom?

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