So What If I Still Breastfeed My Son

Breastfeeding Post

My son turned one this summer, and explaining to people that yes, he is still nursing seems to be an invitation for others to share their thoughts on why I should stop. Anyone else a bit annoyed with this? 

People have mixed reviews about everything moms do. For some reason people think it is their duty to tell me that my son needs to stop breastfeeding because he is one. Personally, it is my son’s decision whether or not he is ready to stop nursing.

I have met mothers who waited for their children to naturally wean themselves, and I do not think there is anything wrong with that, nor do I think there is anything wrong with anyone who decides to stop breastfeeding their child. For me, the issue is when someone tells me “it’s time to stop breastfeeding him.” I do not think there is a time for anything. I believe babies know when they are ready to let go. So, to the next mom that has something negative to say about whether or not I choose to breastfeed my one-year-old son, I have news for you, I am going to do it regardless of your opinions. If you are trying to change my mind, save your breath.

Has anyone ever questioned your decision to breastfeed your child passed a certain age? Comment below!

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