Why Visit The South Florida Science Center And Aquarium

Planning for time with the kids can sometimes be tough for us. With a variety of South Florida museums around, it’s always nice to visit one that has something for everyone.

That’s why we decided to head to the South Florida Science Center And Aquarium in West Palm Beach, FL. This place has much to offer local kids.

From early childhood to multiple afterschool programs, it’s no surprise families have been visiting this place since 1961. We visited the facility and shared highlights from our trip in a YouTube video.

Aside from these programs, they offer Code Palm Beach Beginner Workshops and Code Palm Beach Intermediate for more advanced kids. Parents are welcomed to stay with the kids during these events.

One of the things we loved most about visiting the South Florida Science Center And Aquarium were the exhibits. There were human bodies and an exhibit on the human brain. The place also has an FPL SolarTree like the one we saw at Charnow Park in Hollywood, FL.

Photo courtesy of FPL SolarNow website

If you’re planning to visit the location, plan to stop by The Conservation Course. It’s an 18-hole miniature course surrounded by butterflies with quiet sounds of water flowing over. The miniature golf-like area is available to children of all ages.

For more information on upcoming events and what you can expect to see at this museum, stop by https://www.sfsciencecenter.org/eventview.

Schedule a visit to the South Florida Science Center And Aquarium today! Learn more about the current discounts available.

If you plan to visit the South Florida Science Center And Aquarium, then you'll want to read this! Make the most out of your trip to Palm Beach County Florida by stopping by a local museum with the kids.

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