Every Valentine’s Day, I like to spread some cheer with inexpensive gifts to family and friends. This year the focus is on my son’s classmates and his loving teacher. 
I know there are people out there who hate this holiday, and I can understand why. But when your life is filled with love, you cannot help but give your heart to those around you. 
A Cup Of Hearts

After stopping by our local Dollar Tree, I picked up a pack of cups, little party favorites, lollipops, and tissue paper. 

Just to be fair, there were chocolates in my checkout bag when I left the store. But those chocolates didn’t stand a chance when my toddler and I got a hold of them. 
I don’t know whose idea it was to open the packs, but they’re gone now. 

I also picked up little erasers, necklaces with beaded hearts, and tiny pink and red slinkies. I did my best to keep away from candies because I’m not sure if parents would be okay with the kids taking home too much candy. I know I prefer little toys for my son to play with instead of random candy. 

For his teacher’s treat, I added Duri nail polishes. Each in different hues — from bright red to light pink. 
These shades are both festive and would put anyone in an amorous mood. 
I even threw in a lollipop and three chocolate-covered cherries. 
Now we’re all set for next week’s Valentine’s Day party! 

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