Successful mom bloggers align their daily tasks to their goals. It's important to have things laid out throughout the day -- and it helps to do so when you have a supportive husband as well. Learn how you can become a successful mom blogger with these tips.

This post was originally published February 12, 2016. 

Have you ever sat yourself down and had to address certain things in your life?   I’ve done this in the past, and it’s helped me improve areas in my life that needed readjusting.

Because you’re the best project you’ll ever work on, I’ve made it a point to re-evaluate my goals every month to help keep myself on track this year.  

Today, I’m sharing 5 of the things successful mom bloggers do on a daily.

1. Not comparing themselves to anyone else.

We all have a story to tell. Find what makes yours unique. (BONUS: It already is, just share it with the world).  Progress takes time, and I remember beating myself up because I felt as though I was falling behind on things. I wasn’t, I was just putting unattainable goals on my list. With time, I’ve learned to place an emphasis on where I am today and track that. It helps when you look back at those stats later on.  

2. Not complaining about time.

I stopped doing this a couple of months ago. Once I let go of freelancing, I realized I had more time for family and work. This has helped me improve the time I spend on certain tasks. Although I work fewer hours these days, I will say that the amount of work that I’ve been able to accomplish is greater.

You know what they say, work smarter, not harder.   

3. Not skipping their self-care routine. 

Getting the kids up and running throughout the day requires mom fuel. For some successful mom bloggers, it comes in the form of a tall mug of coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so it’s all about my routines. I focus on a self-care routine in the morning and before bed.

Focusing on myself throughout the day helps me get things accomplished, and be more alert with the kids. It’s a great way to remind myself there’s time for me — and there’s always time for yourself, mama!

4. Always planning for tomorrow.  

There was a time I’d wing everything, and I didn’t care about much. Also, I was depressed and didn’t really feel like myself. Dealing with postpartum depression led me to feel unstable. Of course, everything around me was also unstable.

It wasn’t until I started taking control of things in my life — home, family and relationships — that I realized how much I needed to work on myself.

Focusing on the future helps you understand what needs to be done to get where you’d like to be. Planning is one way successful mom bloggers achieve more during the day. It gives them back their time.

5. Not overworking themselves.  

It’s important to focus on the relationships in your life — including the one with yourself. Sometimes moms overwork themselves to help accomplish more throughout the day.

Sticking to a list of five things you can accomplish throughout the day is a great way to accomplish the necessary and set aside the things that can wait.

Do you know any successful mom bloggers? What traits do you admire about them?

20 responses to “5 Things Successful Mom Bloggers Do Every Day”

  1. I try to do these most days! Sometimes, it slips through the cracks. Some days my kids take a majority of my time (especially right now with them home from school). And other days, I knock it out of the park! I think balance is a big part of it, too.

  2. My wife is a blog mom! She has been for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen or heard her compare themselves to any other blogger. She has been my greatest wealth of information and has been instrumental in helping me resurrect my blog!

  3. I would say I am pretty successful. I always make sure to prioritize jobs and spend time on myself each day.

  4. These are good tips! For years, I’ve worked off a daily laminated to-do list that included my daily self-care stuff, my kids stuff, and my work stuff. It even includes various stretching times and 5 minute bursts of exercise throughout the day. It’s now on a Trello board, but it allows me to get so much more done each day since I’m not worried about forgetting anything.

  5. These are great tips for successful blogging and juggling being a parent. It is so hard to not overwork yourself. That is my biggest challenge. Making myself unwind and take breaks

  6. Not comparing is the hardest one for me! These are some great tips. Planning for tomorrow is always super important!

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