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Grab the best summer essentials for kids this season and start planning fun activities everyone will enjoy. The following items are great to keep handy when traveling with kids. 

Not sure what to do with the kids this summer? These kid’s summer essentials will help you plan ahead.

Whether you plan to travel or stay local this summer, you will need a handful of items to keep you and your family entertained. 

From sunscreen to reusable water bottles, there are various products you can snag from your favorite retailers to make this a successful season with your family. 

Summer Essentials For Kids: Teens And Pre-Teens

Regardless of age, staying hydrated is key to being outdoors when the temperature rises. A large water bottle makes a great option for spending time outside with teens and/or pre-teens. 

Visiting a local pool is another great option to help keep the kids refreshed and entertained. You can connect with friends and family members to make it a day. 

Water balloon fights are always a plus for any age group.

Fun Pool Games To Try

Volleyball is an easy pool game to do with the family. You can use a pool volleyball setup or simply create your own at home.  

Basketball is another option the kids can enjoy together or with family and friends. This volleyball and basketball combination is a great money-saving idea. 

Toddler Summer Essentials

Not sure what a toddler needs for summer? Sun protection is top of mind for kids looking to spend time outdoors. Sand toys, rash guard swimwear, and mesh totes are great summer options for toddlers. 

Knowing how to keep a child entertained in the summer means planning ahead and grabbing a couple of products you can use along the way. A durable picnic blanket will come in handy at the beach and at the park. 

Other ideas you can implement into your list of summer essentials for kids: 

  • Host a karaoke night
  • Pick a theme for each week
  • Run through your neighborhood sprinklers
  • Create a bucket list
  • Use free resources like your local library

How Do Kids Survive Summer At Home? 

Summer camps are filling up and finding the right one for your kids can be costly. This is the best time to focus on a summer fun schedule you and your family will love. 

Creating a schedule can help you cross out items from your summer bucket list. 

With plenty of outdoor play, kids can get the most out of their time at home with you and/or other family members. 

Below are 4 key ways you can make this summer one to remember for you and the kids: 

Pack a beach bag with the essentials

Living in South Florida means there is always sand in your car and a beach bag packed for random trips with the kids. This makes traveling easier for everyone since you are more likely to visit someone with a pool or plan a last-minute trip to the beach.

Asking the kids what they would like to bring for the ride is always a plus. Be sure to think of shade if you have a baby to take with you. 

Rely on family and friends. 

Planning what to do with the kids every day will get repetitive. You can rely on your family and friends to plan activities together. 

Family road trips are a great idea when you are looking to visit loved ones. Another option is to visit local attractions together. 

Balance outdoor activities with relaxing at home. 

It is summer break – emphasis on break. Make sure you are not just always on the go. Plan for spending time indoors, relaxing with loved ones. 

Focus on local attractions. 

Staycations are always a good idea, at least when it comes to budget-friendly options. 

Conclusion: Summer Outdoor Must-Haves

Getting ready for summer break will require you to plan ahead. Stocking up on the essentials like snacks, drinks, and fun self-care activities will be the highlight of the season. 

Besides the necessary items, such as food and water, there are a handful of products you can grab this week to help you plan ahead. 

An oversized utility bag for your beach/pool necessities

This is my favorite bag to travel with the kids. During the summer months, I keep it in my trunk for family gatherings and surprise trips to our community pool. 

A weekender bag for road trip items you will need for each kid – including the big kid you married. 

You can add shoes to the bottom, and blankets at the top. I currently have three neck pillows and three blankets inside of mine for upcoming road trips this week. 

A portable fan to help you cool off when you are out and about with the kids. 

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  1. These are great picks. I love that you included essentials for both kids and adults. We all have things we need for the summer months.

  2. You have some great things here. It’s hot in Texas so we don’t stay outside for too long. We tend to do a lot of indoor activities.

  3. I love having a schedule for my kids over the summer. They’re used to the structure of school so it works out for us all. Keeps us busy and happy.

  4. This is such a really great list you have here! This is so amazing thanks for sharing this with us

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