Finding the right look during the warmer months can be tough when you’re not loving the items in your closet. Avoid overstocking your wardrobe this season and put together simple summer mom outfits you’ll love to wear all the time. 

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Lay out different looks for the week based on your upcoming plans.

Whether you’re deciding on what cute summer mom outfits to layout or not, you’ll need to keep some basic looks handy.

Regardless of where you’re headed, you can still look and feel your best. From going to the beach or just stocking up on pantry essentials, there are a variety of casual mom outfits you can try.

What Do Moms Wear In The Summer Anyways? 

Showing off your body after childbirth might not be top of mind for you, but there are other ways you can make use of those love handles and beautiful curves. 

If you have small kids, then you’ll be rocking a bathing suit most of the summer. Kids have already looked at the summer fun schedule I’ve put together for this year. 

Anything that’s loose, an elastic waistline, and overall easy to wear and take off should be part of your list of cute summer outfits for moms. Basically, the way you’d dress a young child. 

Just be sure to match your socks. People will notice right away. 

Summer dresses are always a hit with the moms. You can go with different floral looks or choose solid colors.

How Do You Dress Like A Cute Mom?

The concept of a “cute mom” is overrated. Every mom is cute in any outfit they choose to wear. 

Most of these women are too exhausted and are just buried under their To-Do list for you to see it.

Social media will have you believe something else. On Instagram, a cute mom is a woman who wears stylish clothing, throws on accessories like a hat and a handbag, and is always smiling with her kids

If you search on Etsy for the words, “cute mom shirts”, you’ll see parenting quotes and everyday tees moms love to throw on with jeans. 

These types of clothing work because you can always dress the t-shirts up or down, depending on occasion. 

It’s no surprise that companies like SHEIN and Target pop up on searches for cute mom outfits because there are various pieces you can purchase to add to your closet. 

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when shopping for summer mom outfits this year: 

There’s more to a “look” than clothes.
Getting dressed up means adding pieces to complete your look. It’s not just throwing on a shirt and some jeans. 

You can dress up a regular white shirt and jeans with a statement piece. This includes dangling earrings or a belt that adds a pop of color. 

Focus on quality over quantity.

You might spot a lovely summer look and want it in every color because it’s at the right price. 

However, getting more of the exact same thing won’t help you in the long run. 

Instead, you can opt for similar looks and patterns, but not the exact same thing in different colors. 

One of the reasons why similar works better than the same is because you can decide on a more dressy style over a casual one. 

For instance, you can have two black dresses. One can be for a night out and the other dress could be for work events. 

The difference might just be the cut and/or the material of the dress. Not every black dress works for every occasion.

Keep what fits.

Not every material works for your body. The bodycon pieces are form-fitting, but they accentuate problem areas more. 

If you’re looking for a nice fit, go with a looser piece. You can always add a belt to show off the right curls, and not the added ones you don’t want to have eyes on. 

There are times you might find yourself keeping outfit ideas for when you reach your target weight. 

What if your target weight is months from not? Are you going to wait months to not put on something you love? 

Skip the “when I get there” mentality, and focus on where you are today. 

This will help you appreciate the journey more. Plus, you can still love your body as you transition it. Wear the clothes that make you smile.

Drop things that you don’t wear.

Just as you shouldn’t wait for clothes to fit, you don’t want to keep items you’d never wear. 

This goes for that hideous shirt a family member gifted you years ago. At times, there can be sentimental value placed on clothing items. 

However, if you’re not proudly wearing that shirt, then you can’t really get sentimental about it. 

For instance, my grandmother sewed pajamas for me when I had my first born. I still have them to this day and I wear them often because they remind me of her. 

It’s not the sexiest material or pattern to wear to bed with my husband, but he understands what it means to me when I wear it. 

It helps that I don’t keep it on all night. 

The goal is to make use of what you already have in your closet this summer. If it’s not something that really holds sentimental value — and you can proudly wear — I suggest you ditch it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like to wear things a couple of times before giving it away. This helps me decide if I don’t like it on me.

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Casual summer outfits are the way to go this year.

What Should I Wear At Home In The Summer?

Casual mom outfits are the way to go because it works both indoors and outdoors. Don’t ever throw comfort out the window when dressing your best. 

So, you might not want to throw on heels to be home unless you’re practicing how to wear them again. 

Focus on everyday looks like shorts and a shirt. Dressy tops go perfectly with linen bottoms. 

Not only is this option a great way to stay cool in the summer, but it’s stylish as well. 

Funny mom outfits — like mix-matched colors — are okay to wear at home because no one will see you. It helps that sometimes that’s all you have available as a busy mom of multiple children. 

What’s In Style This Summer 2021?

Nothing ever goes out of style, it just takes a break.

For years, companies have been showcasing styles that have been around for centuries. Today, you will see more retailers selling “basic” styles that can be worn with everyday looks. 

If you’re looking to rework your wardrobe this season, then you’ll want to focus on these pieces. Not only are they multifunctional pieces but they are also comfortable to wear. 

Be sure to check if the material is durable. Sometimes inexpensive purchases means it’s a lousy material. 

If you’d like to stick to what’s in style this summer, Marie Claire has the scoop! 

In summer 2021, you’ll be seeing more pastels and minimalist styles. 

Miniskirts are making a comeback this year with floral prints and all! 

Anything with straps is in! Those camis with spaghetti straps you’d wear under your blouses are here, and they’re cool again.

Bralettes (kind of like bikini tops) are going to be worn with big jeans. 

Just think of 90’s TLC fashion. 

Another 90’s look is back, and it’s the shiny metallic material clothes. If you’re looking to stand out this year, a shiny pair of pants can do the trick. 

You can always skip the silver and go with black. That’s less distracting to the eyes. 

You’re probably wondering how you’ll make these summer 2021 styles work for you as a mom. 

Here’s the breakdown on summer mom outfits to try based on what’s trending:

A metallic dress with straps — that’s two trends in one for this summer! 

A pastel miniskirt is another look you can add to your closet. 

More Than Summer Mom Outfits

Adding new pieces to your wardrobe can get a bit pricey. Sometimes you don’t have the budget to spend much on your looks.

How you look coincides with how you feel. Throwing on a new pair of clothes might help, but there’s more to it.

If you still have the pregnancy length from years ago, then you might be due for a trim. Although I’ve chosen to keep my long locks, I know it takes dedication to maintain the length.

Whether you decide to go for a trim or not, it’s important that you think of ways you can simplify your daily hair ritual.

A quick brush-and-go might do the trick, unless you have curls. Here’s a quick and easy curly hair routine for you to try.

There are other ways to learn how to be a stylish mom without tipping the scale.

Make use of the accessories you own or pick up a couple that won’t cost you a fortune and make it work for you!

Investing on a good-quality nail polish will save you from visiting the nail salon as often. While you’re at it, cut down on your makeup routine.

Products for your face should be used to enhance your beauty — not cover it up. A good primer, concealer, foundation, mascara, and lip balm will do the trick.

You can keep the red lipstick for a special occasion.

Another tip from Wardrobe Oxygen is to get rid of dry clean only clothes. This will help you cut back on costs and your time.

Be sure to accept your new life. If you have little ones to chase, then you won’t be able to run after them in heels.

Dress for the life you live, and enjoy whatever life might bring your way.

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  1. I am a work from home mom and I rarely go out except for quick runs to the grocery or pharmacy. I would love to have new clothes though. Who knows maybe tomorrow or the next day, we will be back to our normal lives. 🙂

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