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  • How I Went From SAHM To WAHM

    How I Went From SAHM To WAHM

    Going from SAHM to WAHM sounds like an ideal transition for a new mom. The struggles you face aren’t always the easiest to overcome. Find out how this mom was able to work from home while raising a family.

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  • 4 Years Of Motherhood Through My Eyes 

    4 Years Of Motherhood Through My Eyes 

    In August 2013, I created this corner on the web. And I haven’t looked back. After four years of working on this blog, I’ve learned the value of following your passion and not trying to “fit the mold”. When I began Motherhood Through My Eyes, I was sitting at my desk in a small North Jersey office. I was writing during my day job as an assistant editor and coming up with online marketing goals and ways to execute them as a social media strategist for B2B companies. It was fun. I learned a lot from my colleagues and those

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