• Two Problogger Best Tips: Business Blogging With Darren Rowse

    Two Problogger Best Tips: Business Blogging With Darren Rowse

    Business blogging takes time and lots of planning. I had the chance to ask Darren Rowse of Problogger about his best tips for connecting with an audience and he had great insights to share. This Q&A took place in 2016 and still rings true today.

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  • 3 Books That Changed My Life As A Blogger

    This post contains affiliate links, which means that nothing happens when you click on the links. However, if you choose to purchase the products, I will receive a commission from the sales.  When you’re faced with several changes all at once, there’s two things you can do: 1) break down or 2) take control. I chose 1 and 2.  Moving to South Florida was probably one of the scariest, yet most rewarding experiences I’ve ever encountered. When I no longer had my family and friends to lean on for support, I found strength by relying on my little family. It

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  • ProBlogger Darren Rowse Shares Tips On Finding Your Next BIG Thing

    ProBlogger Darren Rowse Shares Tips On Finding Your Next BIG Thing

    Slide from Darren Rowse’s Periscope session featuring his son as a newborn.  If you’ve ever struggled with engaging your audience, then you know the importance of brainstorming ideas.  ProBlogger publisher Darren Rowse hosted an interesting session on Periscope earlier this week on simple, everyday exercises that can help bloggers discover their next BIG thing. During his session, Rowse shared two questions he likes to ask himself every day: 1. What gave me energy today? 2. What did I do that gave others energy today?  Evolving Your Idea Rowse urges bloggers to test their ideas and “to focus on the little

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  • Brainstorming Perks

    There’s nothing wrong with reinventing ourselves, just as long as you remain true to yourself.  I think I have probably changed up my blog and my posts way more than I change my socks, which is funny because I rarely ever wear socks in FL 😉 When I first started this blog, I wanted to document my life as a mom and all the wonderful things I would experience with my family. I would occasionally share tips to helping other moms cope with things in their lives. Although I still do this with certain posts — mixed in with sponsored

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  • Giving Yourself A Boost

    You just never know how awesome something could be until you give it a try. I thought about taking a break from my blog twice before I realized I pretty much needed the time off. You never realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog until you take a look back at all the pieces you have created. It was not until I decided to switch my website from .org to .com that I realized I had so many good posts and I need to figure out how I will breathe life back into them and think of what

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