• Quicks Tips To Using IZEA

    Get sponsored by well-known brands. Consumers have a voice, and bloggers that review products are using their websites to share how they feel about the products and companies they have been purchasing for years. If you are looking to help promote a brand’s campaign this holiday to earn some extra cash for shopping, or for added income, then I recommend you check out IZEA. Formerly known as Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets, this website allows bloggers to have brands they love and trust sponsor their blogs as well as social media sites. From a simple tweet to a full blog

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  • Overcoming Writer's Block

    There will be moments you feel stuck, uninspired and maybe even a little lazy to write. I have experienced moments when I just do not feel inspired to write about anything, and there are moments I have a million ideas floating in my head and I cannot seem to focus on one. Feeling uninspired is normal. Sometimes you have too much going on and you just cannot concentrate. Maybe you just do not feel like writing — and that is okay. Or, all those thoughts do not seem to make sense just yet. So, for these moments, I turn to these four things:

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