• Traveling With Two: Museum Edition

    Traveling With Two: Museum Edition

    Time away from home is always a plus for our little ones. Although our eldest enjoys cuddling by the TV or iPad, there’s nothing more exciting than a trip to a local museum or park. I made a promise to myself and the boys that we’d invest in more time outside during the week — and that’s what we’ve done. From running around in the playground to trips to the museums, we’re making the best out of the time we have together. Even when my husband is working for “cookies and bones,” as he calls it. Investing Time We’ve been

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  • Summer Travel

    Summer Travel

    Living in South Florida means we reside in a place where most people come to vacation. Although not every day feels like a vacation, it’s nice to know we have a variety of options nearby on Jeff’s days off from work. We love having family over during the summer because we get to plan a couple of trips to local attractions. My parents will be here next month and we’ve been planning a few things for them to do. Aside from visiting family and friends in different parts of Florida, we’ll be stopping by museums and — of course —

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  • Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    I received four complimentary South Florida Adventure Passes this month in exchange for my thoughts. I hope you get a chance to explore this money-saving option as well.  Family time is very important to us, but it’s been quite limited these days. My husband has been working long hours because his department is short-staffed.  Any day that we get to spend together is always a good one.  And this summer, things are about to get very interesting.  Yesterday, we stopped by Jungle Island to pick up our South Florida Adventure Passes, and explore the place.  Having these passes means we get unlimited access

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