• C-Section Recovery: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

    C-Section Recovery: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

    Are you expecting your first child? Here’s a recap on how my first labor experience and c-section recovery along with tips on how I overcame my postpartum recovery. Discover what items you’ll need to add to your c-section recovery kit.

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  • Why Having A Dog Is Like Having A Baby At Home

    Why Having A Dog Is Like Having A Baby At Home

    When you opt to get a dog before starting your family, there are things to consider. A dog is like having a baby and you need to give them love and attention.

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  • A Simple Ceremony

    A Simple Ceremony

    I understand why people make a huge deal out of their wedding day. From the venue down to the shoes they will be wearing, it’s all about making their day special. But what if you’ve already had special days with your significant other, do you try to trump the rest with a huge wedding?  I’ve known for three years that I wanted to marry Jeff, but we’ve been busy living our lives with our boys to ever really think of it as “the next best thing.” To us, marriage is more of an icing on the cake. For me, it

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  • How To Live A Little, Love A Lot In Today’s Society

    This post was updated on June 4, 2020. It’s easy to forget the importance of a self care routine when you’re focused on everyone else. As a mom I think it goes without saying that loving yourself helps with learning to love others as well. And sometimes, you’re so concerned with others you forget there’s someone very important waiting for your attention — you. Some say it’s selfish to think of yourself, while others think it’s perfectly normal. I recently decided that for me to become a better version of myself I had to learn to appreciate me for who

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  • Turning A Frown Upside Down

     My laptop is taking a break, and part of me was thinking of doing the same from my blog after a tiny incident that turned out to be huge.  Last week while having dinner with my little guy, I had this genius idea to take my computer to the dining table to work on upcoming blog posts and scheduling social posts. I think I got as far as opening up my computer before my son got a tantrum and pushed his cup of water out of his way and directly toward my laptop.  There were tears and lots of frustration. I

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