• Change Your Attitude, Change Your Mood

    Smiling isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely contagious.  You always hear about that one person who is always happy and you often wish that could be you. The truth is, it can be. Have you tried smiling lately? Next time you take a “selfie” crack a smile. You can start off with a small side smile like the big picture in this post and make your way to showing your teeth! This might sound silly, but not everyone likes smiling in photos. Some people are self-conscious of their smile. And it is not all about their teeth.Not everyone was blessed

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  • #GetMoreFollowers: Reaching 10 Million Followers

    Your most loyal follower is you.  Gaining followers takes patience and a lot of work. Of course, you can pay for them through giveaways and other online marketing tactics, but there are consequences — such as lack of engagement. I have seen it myself whenever I host a giveaway on Facebook to gain a couple of followers. Numbers are nice, but I rather have 10 people on my Facebook who interact with my posts than 10 million who are just there. During a recent HubSpot webcast, two of my favorite social media gurus — Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick — shared

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  • There's Beauty In Simplicity

    Happiness is finding beauty in the little things.  If someone asked me where I pictured myself at 25, I think I would have told them working for Edelman in NYC. No serious relationship — just weekends filled with family time and random lunch dates with friends. It may sound like a dream to some, but it would have been pretty lonely compared to the life I live today. Of course, a career at Edelman was my ultimate goal in life. But with time, you realize there is more to life than a career. The Love Of FamilyBecoming a parent and moving

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  • Motherhood Changes You

    I have always cared for others more than I have cared about myself, but motherhood really brought out a different side of me. There have been several changes in my life since the day I found out I was going to be a mom. I have been preparing myself mentally, physically and emotionally since day one, but regardless of how many times I have told myself “I got this,” I have flipped my lid. Sometimes when you do too much for someone, they slowly start taking advantage of it. And that is when you have to put your foot down

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  • Lessons From A Cracked iPhone Screen

    I thought I would be upset, but I actually smiled a lot more. Getting out of the car one morning, I told myself I should place my phone inside the jogger compartment with my keys. Something told me it would be safer there during our walk through Vista View Park. I wish I had listened to myself, or do I? After taking a photo of the boys during our walk, I dropped my phone and it hit the gravel. We were on the side of the road and I wanted to move over to let the car behind us pass.

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