• Motherhood Changes You

    I have always cared for others more than I have cared about myself, but motherhood really brought out a different side of me. There have been several changes in my life since the day I found out I was going to be a mom. I have been preparing myself mentally, physically and emotionally since day one, but regardless of how many times I have told myself “I got this,” I have flipped my lid. Sometimes when you do too much for someone, they slowly start taking advantage of it. And that is when you have to put your foot down

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  • Lessons From A Cracked iPhone Screen

    I thought I would be upset, but I actually smiled a lot more. Getting out of the car one morning, I told myself I should place my phone inside the jogger compartment with my keys. Something told me it would be safer there during our walk through Vista View Park. I wish I had listened to myself, or do I? After taking a photo of the boys during our walk, I dropped my phone and it hit the gravel. We were on the side of the road and I wanted to move over to let the car behind us pass.

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  • Help Support #MTMEshop!

    “Working for someone is easy, starting from scratch is tough.” – Me Life has a funny way of opening your eyes to different things, and this project is one of them. When I first found out I was going to be a mom, my number one concern was whether or not I was going to be able to continue with my career as a marketing manager. After discussing a couple alternatives, Jeff and I decided moving from North Jersey to South Florida would be best for our little family. Today, we live a happy, simple life. Since the move, Jeff has continued to

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  • There's No Right Time To Call It Quits

    Time has a funny way of showing you a different side to people, places, and things.  Do you remember watching your favorite movie for the first time? Did you miss out on anything from the first and second time you saw it? Well, life is a lot like that. Life is a lot like a baseball game. There is someone on the pitcher’s mound waiting to throw a curve ball right at you hoping you swing and miss. Miss it three times and you are out, but that is not always the case. Sometimes you find yourself swinging so many

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  • No Matter Where Life Takes Me, I Have My Honda

    To some people a car is just another form of transportation. But for me, it is my sanctuary.  Even before I passed my driver’s license test I knew the car I wanted. I had my eye on a white Nissan Altima. I always joked with friends saying I could chip off the “A” and the “L” and be driving a “TIMA,” like my nickname. But when I got my license and was saving for my first car, all I could think of was a white Honda Accord sedan. I remember the endless search on Craig’s List to find one that was

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