• Happy First Day Of Spring!

    Spring is finally here and I know a couple of people who are very excited about it. For us, it has been pretty warm all month. Sometimes it reaches the upper 90s. But there is more to spring than just warm weather. Spring means a new beginning for trees and plants. Although I have never really been a fan of flowers, I love watching them bloom and seeing all the vivid colors. For some, spring means allergy season. But to me, spring means new life. I always look forward to this season and hope for a cool summer. Sometimes I

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  • Family Treats At Whole Foods

    Dog treats that Rocky actually likes are not always the easiest to come by. If you thought having a toddler meant “picky eater” think again. Jeff and I were discussing the treats we have tried to give our big guy. He likes yogurt cookies, but only the bacon, egg and cheese flavored ones. Jeff tried giving him the banana ones, and for a short period of time, he actually enjoyed them. But he went back to his original love. What can we say, he likes what he likes. I sometimes bake the boys some peanut butter cookies. I used to

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  • #HondaLove: Going From Sedan To Van

    I wear mommy buns, maintain a blog, enjoy long trips to the grocery store and now, I drive a minivan. To some, owning a van is an eye-opener that they have officially become a “soccer mom,” and yes, it is only the second day and my family had already given me the title, thrown in a few jokes and all. I understand that I am slowly transforming into “your typical mom,” but if it means putting my family first, then I will take it! Driving A “Brick” For some people, getting a minivan is like opting for a brick —

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  • Study Finds Afterschool Programs Help Promote Healthy Eating

    Afterschool Alliance report highlights the role of afterschool programs play in a child’s life. Going back to my grammar school days, I recall staying in afterschool programs with one of my brothers because our school days ended at 2:30 pm and our mom worked across the street until 4:30, sometimes 5. Aside from the obvious getting homework done, we had time to socialize and communicate with classmates. Our parents would either pack us some snacks or we would save one or two from lunchtime. One thing is for sure, whoever was watching us always made sure we kept busy and

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  • IKEA To Introduce Wireless Charging Stations

    IKEA announced the company will be selling wireless charging stations as of mid-April 2015.  IKEA wanted to make charging a natural part of a consumer’s home, so they chose side tables and lamps and turned them into wireless chargers. “With smartphones being such a natural part of our lives, we want the charging part to become a natural part of our homes,” as noted in a company press statement. “As a result, we’ve created a collection of wireless chargers that make charging a lot more available, yet a lot less obvious (goodbye messy cables!).” The names of the furniture that will include

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