• C-Section Recovery: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

    C-Section Recovery: Everything You Need To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

    Are you expecting your first child? Here’s a recap on how my first labor experience and c-section recovery along with tips on how I overcame my postpartum recovery. Discover what items you’ll need to add to your c-section recovery kit.

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  • Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

    Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

    Asking for help might seem scary at first. When you’re raising children, it’s important to understand getting help from others can be useful. Discover the three things to consider when you’re asking for someone’s help.

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  • Stop — It's Baby Time!

    Gone are the days when it was all about you.  If you have a hard time not being the center or your own world you will have a tough time adjusting to parenthood. Here is a glimpse into the world of endless need and “gimme, gimme”. My son is almost two and yes, he still nurses to sleep and drinks whole milk throughout the day. We recently started giving him the same meals we eat for dinner. I used to modify it for him because I figured he needed more nutrients, then I realized we were pretty much eating the

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  • Moms Who Motivate

    Today marks the third week of the Moms Who Motivate series and I am so excited to share another 5 posts from 5 motivational moms on Instagram along with quick, motivational captions. Feel free to read last week’s post here. Pack your bags and go! Only a true princess rock Converses.  There’s nothing wrong with showing that beautiful baby bump. Find beauty in simplicity. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” 

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  • Study Finds Afterschool Programs Help Promote Healthy Eating

    Afterschool Alliance report highlights the role of afterschool programs play in a child’s life. Going back to my grammar school days, I recall staying in afterschool programs with one of my brothers because our school days ended at 2:30 pm and our mom worked across the street until 4:30, sometimes 5. Aside from the obvious getting homework done, we had time to socialize and communicate with classmates. Our parents would either pack us some snacks or we would save one or two from lunchtime. One thing is for sure, whoever was watching us always made sure we kept busy and

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