• How To Celebrate Christmas Without Snow

    Holidays are tough, especially when you do not have your family around.  All my life I have associated Christmas with the winter season. After moving to South Florida, this coming holiday won’t be the same as others. For starters, I will be home with my little family and won’t be surrounded by those we left…

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  • Why Events Fail To Engage Attendees

    I have been to several events both in the corporate world and as a mom blogger and some things never change. I spoke to a friend I met at one of the mom events I attended and it made me think about the importance of targeting the right audience. After attending one of the events…

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  • Last Minute Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas From Dollar Tree

    Thanksgiving is a week away and I just got word that I will be in charge of decorations. I will take decorating the table over slaving in the kitchen any day of the week! Because I am an over-achiever, I have been thinking about bringing some dessert like a homemade apple pie. But this time,…

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  • How To Get The Most Out Of Using Moms Affiliate

    Whether you are starting to monetize your blog or looking to make extra cash from your website, I highly recommend Moms Affiliate. The website has a user-friendly interface that allows you to send requests to join certain programs from familiar brands and probably already use. Are you a fan of Diapers.com? How about zulily? These are just…

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  • Using Educational Apps With Your Child

    Children spend many years learning about the world around them, and there are numerous ways to get knowledge about their surroundings. Living in a digital era, it is no surprise that most toddlers know how to manipulate mobile devices better than some adults. Jenna Hoffstein, developer of the award-winning kids game “The Counting Kingdom,” shares her…

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