• 15% Of Children Are Spanked Before They Turn One

    Disciplining your child is often associated with spanking them. For most parents who grew up in a home where that was the norm, the act of spanking your child is seen as acceptable. An infographic titled: “The Psychology of Spanking” highlights the short-term and long-term effects of spanking a child. The infographic looked at the education…

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  • Why I Chose A Jogger Instead

    Disclosure: This post features affiliate links.Finding out I was going to be a mom was not the easiest news to swallow. Although it was a shock, I felt blessed. When you have family and friends close enough to understand the experience of having a child without ever going through it, this can be very rewarding. Aside from the…

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  • Using Google Analytics With WordPress

    For months I had searched for ways to connect my Google Analytics account to my WordPress site. Every page I checked said it could not be done. In August 2014, someone figured it out, and I am so thankful for Web-Designer Arsenal’s steps. For those of you looking for more information about page views and visitors,…

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  • Covering Events With Social Media

    I have been covering events for almost five years now, and social media makes it so much easier to take notes, create a draft, and post. In today’s post, I am sharing tips on how you can do the same. Upon arrival, scan your surroundings for the perfect standalone image. This can be a board…

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  • Overcoming Writer's Block

    There will be moments you feel stuck, uninspired and maybe even a little lazy to write. I have experienced moments when I just do not feel inspired to write about anything, and there are moments I have a million ideas floating in my head and I cannot seem to focus on one. Feeling uninspired is normal. Sometimes…

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