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  • 5 Morning Coffee Alternatives For Your Caffeine Addiction

    5 Morning Coffee Alternatives For Your Caffeine Addiction

    Your mornings can still be productive without a cup Joe. In fact, there are a variety of morning coffee alternatives that are healthy and delicious. Discover the best coffee replacement ideas for you to enjoy.

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  • 7 Things To Remember When Buying Toys

    7 Things To Remember When Buying Toys

    Understanding your child’s needs is critical to knowing what toy to buy them. We’ve been thinking twice about the toys we gift our children by buying toys that help them explore the world around them.

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  • #Cirkopolis: Finding Your Happiness

    #Cirkopolis: Finding Your Happiness

    This post highlights my experience at the Summer presentation, Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis. The show is now playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami until July 31st. I received free access to the show and a chance to go backstage to meet the cast in exchange for my honest opinion of my experience.  My parents are in town so it was only fair that I took a night off from baby talk and answering all of our threenager’s questions. Fortunately, my mom is a huge fan of the performing arts and has been dying for me to show her downtown Miami. And somehow

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  • Quick Tips To Potty Training Your Child

    Quick Tips To Potty Training Your Child

    Looking to potty train your child? Here are some tips from potty training our firstborn.

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  • Am I Ready For Baby Number Two?

    The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and details in this post may or may not be relevant at this time.  So many people pray for the day they can conceive their first child, and here we are counting down the days until we meet our second child.  I have told myself several times before the day Jeff and I decided to try again that I wouldn’t be able to survive raising another child. Babies require so much attention, and knowing how drained I felt when Sebastian was born and

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