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  • Study Finds Women Should Eat During Labor

    The following post has been scheduled in advance. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child and details in this post may or may not be relevant at this time.  Forget about chewing on ice cubes to keep yourself going during contractions. Contrary to what most medical officials have stated in the past, a recent Canadian study has found that women who are in labor actually benefit from eating a meal.   By avoiding meals during labor, women are less likely to aspirate, or inhale liquid or food into their lungs, possibly causing pneumonia.  Today, advances in anesthesia care means

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  • ProBlogger Darren Rowse Shares Tips On Finding Your Next BIG Thing

    ProBlogger Darren Rowse Shares Tips On Finding Your Next BIG Thing

    Slide from Darren Rowse’s Periscope session featuring his son as a newborn.  If you’ve ever struggled with engaging your audience, then you know the importance of brainstorming ideas.  ProBlogger publisher Darren Rowse hosted an interesting session on Periscope earlier this week on simple, everyday exercises that can help bloggers discover their next BIG thing. During his session, Rowse shared two questions he likes to ask himself every day: 1. What gave me energy today? 2. What did I do that gave others energy today?  Evolving Your Idea Rowse urges bloggers to test their ideas and “to focus on the little

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  • Simple Things That Make This Mom Happy

    Whoever said pregnancy would be easy the second time around probably didn’t have to care for a toddler during all three trimesters. But I can’t complain, my little guy has been pretty helpful around the house and Jeff and I have a tag team match going on. I deal with the tantrums during the day and Jeff handles them at night.  To keep sane, I try to think of all the things that put a smile on my face:  An extra 5 minutes in the shower.   Kisses from daddy.  Hugs from baby.  A clean baby.  A clean home.  Slipping

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  • How To Live A Little, Love A Lot In Today’s Society

    This post was updated on June 4, 2020. It’s easy to forget the importance of a self care routine when you’re focused on everyone else. As a mom I think it goes without saying that loving yourself helps with learning to love others as well. And sometimes, you’re so concerned with others you forget there’s someone very important waiting for your attention — you. Some say it’s selfish to think of yourself, while others think it’s perfectly normal. I recently decided that for me to become a better version of myself I had to learn to appreciate me for who

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  • Everything Is Going To Be Okay

    Annoyed. Exhausted. Frustrated….just breathe. When raising a toddler, you have to remember that they are exploring the world around them. And more importantly, they can understand way more than they can communicate. My son will be two next month and some days are a lot more frustrating than others. But that’s why I take deep breaths from time to time and remind myself of these three things: 1. He’s still learning. 2. He’s going to annoy you just as much as you annoyed your mom. 3. He’s just trying to communicate with you. The second point is something that always takes

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