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  • Baby Registry Items You Don’t Need And Why You Should Create One

    Baby Registry Items You Don’t Need And Why You Should Create One

    Finding the necessary baby products can be tough. Once you’re ruled out the baby registry items you won’t need, then you can focus on the essentials for your little one.

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  • BLUE Missions To Host 5th Annual Cocktail Fundraiser Event At FIU

    BLUE Missions, a non-profit organization that strives to provide water and sanitation to poor communities around the world, is making a splash in Miami.  BLUE Missions will be making its way through the halls of Florida International University next month to celebrate the 5th annual Cocktail Fundraiser, an event that reflects on the past year’s accomplishments and sponsorship recognitions.  The event will take place Saturday, May 9th at FIU’s Ernest R. Graham Center Ballroom, located at 11200 S.W. 8th Street, Miami, Florida from 7:30 pm to midnight. The fundraiser will honor LIFO Missions, the parent organization that inspired BLUE Co-Founder Daniel

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  • Starting Over With Baby #2

      You never know how much you miss someone until they’re not around. My parents thought we were crazy for moving to a different state without their help to raise our son. After about year and a half of living in South Florida, I think we have done a pretty good job with Sebastian. But it is not raising my son that scares me, it is starting over with baby number two and not having the help I had during my first pregnancy. I know my parents will come visit here and there, but it will not be the same.

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  • Most-Viewed Posts: March 2015

    So much has happened since the last Most-Viewed post and I think there are some valuable ones this month. I recently launched the Moms Who Motivate series and it has been driving a lot of traffic not only to my website but also to my Facebook page. This month’s top 5 posts do not surprise me because they were one of my personal favorites to work on, especially number 1: 1. Toddlers Have A Better Outlook On Life 2. Moms Who Motivate 3. #LifeOnCrypton: Join The Crypton Placemat Experience 4. Study Finds Afterschool Programs Promote Healthy Eating 5. Stop —

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  • Giving Yourself A Boost

    You just never know how awesome something could be until you give it a try. I thought about taking a break from my blog twice before I realized I pretty much needed the time off. You never realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog until you take a look back at all the pieces you have created. It was not until I decided to switch my website from .org to .com that I realized I had so many good posts and I need to figure out how I will breathe life back into them and think of what

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