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  • There's Beauty In Simplicity

    Happiness is finding beauty in the little things.  If someone asked me where I pictured myself at 25, I think I would have told them working for Edelman in NYC. No serious relationship — just weekends filled with family time and random lunch dates with friends. It may sound like a dream to some, but it would have been pretty lonely compared to the life I live today. Of course, a career at Edelman was my ultimate goal in life. But with time, you realize there is more to life than a career. The Love Of FamilyBecoming a parent and moving

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  • Motherhood Changes You

    I have always cared for others more than I have cared about myself, but motherhood really brought out a different side of me. There have been several changes in my life since the day I found out I was going to be a mom. I have been preparing myself mentally, physically and emotionally since day one, but regardless of how many times I have told myself “I got this,” I have flipped my lid. Sometimes when you do too much for someone, they slowly start taking advantage of it. And that is when you have to put your foot down

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  • Live Session: Media Tips For Bloggers

    The best advice I ever received in college was, “if you cannot do PR for yourself, then you should not be doing it for someone else.” This was from one of my favorite PR professors, and she is living proof of what it means to “sell yourself” every day of your life.  By taking on this approach with my blog, I have helped myself be more confident in myself and my abilities to stand out in the crowd. Yes, I may not have a high following, but not everyone with more than a million followers across social media is actually engaging

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  • 5 Things You Still Need To Worry About In Warmer Climate

    Since our move to Florida, people keep asking me how do I feel about the warmer climate. Most find it shocking when I say I wake up practically frozen and I still wear hoodies and sweats from time to time.  I still feel funny waking up in the winter season not seeing snow outside. This is our second January in Florida and I almost forget that our family and friends up North are dealing with low temperatures and shorter days. But, Florida in the winter is not that different from living in NJ  during the fall/spring transition. I highlight five things that are very similar to living back up

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  • Quicks Tips To Using IZEA

    Get sponsored by well-known brands. Consumers have a voice, and bloggers that review products are using their websites to share how they feel about the products and companies they have been purchasing for years. If you are looking to help promote a brand’s campaign this holiday to earn some extra cash for shopping, or for added income, then I recommend you check out IZEA. Formerly known as Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets, this website allows bloggers to have brands they love and trust sponsor their blogs as well as social media sites. From a simple tweet to a full blog

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