• 7 Thoughts That Run Through Your Mind When You Have A Child Out Of Wedlock

    For years, I thought of the many reasons why I wanted to settle down and start a family, but I never really thought it was for me.    Not because I never imagined myself with a little family of my own, but because I was often told that getting married and having kids wasn’t something I’d be happy about.    Let me explain.    I am one of those people who quickly gets bored of people and things, and was told it would be a problem in marriage and in raising kids.    Yes, I see my boys on a daily basis,

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  • Embrace The Moment, Not The Headache

    Parenting is hard.  Those of you raising a tiny human know how exhausting it can get. But the moments you get to spend with them mean more than the headaches they may put you through.  A Fresh Start As many of you may know Jeff and I had our second child in early November. Caring for an infant and a toddler means being pulled different ways, and having to balance it all. Thankfully, we’ve been able to do it on our own.  But that’s all part of the beauty of being a parent of multiples.  Although it’s a lot easier

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  • 5 Things Moms Should Try Doing Every Day

    As we move into the end of a crazy week, I cannot help but to think how quickly the month has gone by.  To think, many of us started the year with goals and resolutions, and have already given up on them.  So today, I’m sharing five quick things moms can do every day to improve their relationships with others as well as themselves.  1. Be grateful.  With the daily hustle comes lots of stress. Be grateful for the things that you have accomplished thus far.  2. Get plenty of rest.  Don’t laugh, you know it’s possible. It might not seem like

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  • People Treat Me Differently Now That I Had A VBAC

    When people asked me about my first birthing experience, I would mention that I had a C-section.  That’s all I had to say before their faces would change, signifying their lack of interest in hearing me out.  You see, having a child cut out of you isn’t considered a real birthing experience in the eyes of most women. And that, to me, is just wrong.  When I opened up about my VBAC, people were always curious. They seemed to welcome me with open arms into what seems to be a motherhood cult.  I was happy to be welcomed, but I also noticed

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  • Give Your Newborn The Perfect Snug

    They say every pregnancy is different and so is every birth, but what they fail to mention is the first couple of nights with your newborn.  Regardless if you delivered your child via c-section or natural birth, new moms are exhausted after the birthing process. Although everyone will recommend lots of rest, that will depend on your newborn’s comfort level.  Womb Service Versus Room Service  Caring for your little one while they’re in your womb is different from when they’re out in the world. Hungry? Eat away! Tired? Sleep the entire day!  But now, it’s two separate bodies with very

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