• Live Each Moment

    Each day is a new shot at life. It is a beautiful sunny day here in South Florida and although I wish Jeff was home with us, I am excited that today is a short day and he will be home tomorrow. Some might find it weird that I genuinely enjoy Mondays. The start of a new week always gets me excited. When we planned our mini-getaway to the Keys, all I could think of was how awesome those 48 hours out as a family would be. Little did I know how many memories we would be taking back with

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  • There's Beauty In Simplicity

    Happiness is finding beauty in the little things.  If someone asked me where I pictured myself at 25, I think I would have told them working for Edelman in NYC. No serious relationship — just weekends filled with family time and random lunch dates with friends. It may sound like a dream to some, but it would have been pretty lonely compared to the life I live today. Of course, a career at Edelman was my ultimate goal in life. But with time, you realize there is more to life than a career. The Love Of FamilyBecoming a parent and moving

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  • Do It #LikeAGirl

    “Run, fight, and throw like a girl.” There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and after watching the Always SuperBowl commercial I am more convinced than ever before that we create our own perception of people and things. Today’s woman is a lot more stronger than ever before, or at least she is not afraid to show her strength. Whether she works from home or at the office, she is taking on the role of a homemaker and a provider for her family. She may not have a family of her own because she is heavily focused on her career, but she

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  • Don't Let Anyone Dim Your Shine

    Don’t hide behind the clouds… you were meant to shine! Having a “heart of gold” can be tough, but you have to build a strong exterior to block other’s negativity. Be strong enough to say no for your own sanity. Before the beginning of the year, I had minor encounter with people who wanted to pretty much step all over me. Because I probably look like the nice person who will not say anything, these people thought it would be okay. They thought wrong. Very wrong.One thing I have learned from finally opening my mouth is that most of the time, you

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  • Conquer The World…

    They say a smile can get you through anything, and I believe it. This week marks a year since we moved down South and adjusting has not been easy. With some of Jeff’s family here and all our friends back in NJ, there are moments when we wish we could fly everyone down…but every day is a blessing and we try to make the best of the moments we have together. With a new year comes new changes, and we are still celebrating these new beginnings as a family. Although things did not start off as great as we had

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