• That Hallmark Couple

    That Hallmark Couple

    Everyone you meet is going through something that you can’t see. And every couple has their own issues. My husband told me a family member called us “that Hallmark couple”, and I laughed so loud to the thought of it. Here’s the thing, we’re not perfect, and we’ll never claim to be. We’re like anyone else, except we know how to balance each other out. We get upset, we have our disagreements and most importantly, we love each other like crazy. What Makes Us ‘Perfect’ One thing that has helped up cope with everyday life is our ability to feed

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  • Gerber Cereals: Introducing Your Baby To Solids

    Gerber Cereals: Introducing Your Baby To Solids

    Are you looking for answers on when to introduce baby cereal to infants? Learn how to feed cereal to baby for the first time, along with Gerber Cereals to try when introducing solids to your baby. 

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  • Caring For Two

    Caring For Two

    Raising two boys sounds like I hit the jackpot. Most people would consider me the queen of the household because even our pup is male. But that’s far from the truth. In our home, we don’t treat anyone of our members as royalty. The truth is, we just treat each other with respect.  No one gets more privileges over the other. It’s all about working as a team. I will admit that there are times I ask our firstborn to watch over our little one, but not for more than two minutes. After all, he’s still learning himself. Being Patient Caring for two

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  • Summer Travel

    Summer Travel

    Living in South Florida means we reside in a place where most people come to vacation. Although not every day feels like a vacation, it’s nice to know we have a variety of options nearby on Jeff’s days off from work. We love having family over during the summer because we get to plan a couple of trips to local attractions. My parents will be here next month and we’ve been planning a few things for them to do. Aside from visiting family and friends in different parts of Florida, we’ll be stopping by museums and — of course —

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  • Quick Tips To Potty Training Your Child

    Quick Tips To Potty Training Your Child

    Looking to potty train your child? Here are some tips from potty training our firstborn.

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