• 7 Thoughts That Run Through Your Mind When You Have A Child Out Of Wedlock

    For years, I thought of the many reasons why I wanted to settle down and start a family, but I never really thought it was for me.    Not because I never imagined myself with a little family of my own, but because I was often told that getting married and having kids wasn’t something I’d be happy about.    Let me explain.    I am one of those people who quickly gets bored of people and things, and was told it would be a problem in marriage and in raising kids.    Yes, I see my boys on a daily basis,

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  • Why I Don't Argue With My Husband

    Arguing is something I grew up overhearing my parents do almost on a daily basis. My father would get upset and raise his voice. Sometimes my mom would do the same, but she did her best to remain calm.  After they would both calm down I’d go to my mom, who would complain to me about my father. I’d ask her if he was all these things, why did she marry him? She would always respond with, “That’s a good question, I don’t know why I married him.”  And somehow these two will be celebrating 40 years of marriage in

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  • Starting Over With Baby #2

      You never know how much you miss someone until they’re not around. My parents thought we were crazy for moving to a different state without their help to raise our son. After about year and a half of living in South Florida, I think we have done a pretty good job with Sebastian. But it is not raising my son that scares me, it is starting over with baby number two and not having the help I had during my first pregnancy. I know my parents will come visit here and there, but it will not be the same.

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  • Stop — It's Baby Time!

    Gone are the days when it was all about you.  If you have a hard time not being the center or your own world you will have a tough time adjusting to parenthood. Here is a glimpse into the world of endless need and “gimme, gimme”. My son is almost two and yes, he still nurses to sleep and drinks whole milk throughout the day. We recently started giving him the same meals we eat for dinner. I used to modify it for him because I figured he needed more nutrients, then I realized we were pretty much eating the

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  • Study Finds Afterschool Programs Help Promote Healthy Eating

    Afterschool Alliance report highlights the role of afterschool programs play in a child’s life. Going back to my grammar school days, I recall staying in afterschool programs with one of my brothers because our school days ended at 2:30 pm and our mom worked across the street until 4:30, sometimes 5. Aside from the obvious getting homework done, we had time to socialize and communicate with classmates. Our parents would either pack us some snacks or we would save one or two from lunchtime. One thing is for sure, whoever was watching us always made sure we kept busy and

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