• Moms Who Motivate

    It is week two of the Moms Who Motivate series and I am so happy to share another five wonderful moms I follow on Instagram and their lovely posts. Feel free to check out the previous week over here. Sometimes you just have to gather your things and DO IT. You may not reach the…

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  • 11 Reasons Why A Toddler Has A Better Outlook On Life

    11 Reasons Why A Toddler Has A Better Outlook On Life

    After 63 wonderful hours with Jeff, it is back to reality. This weekend has been a great reminder of how beautiful life can be if you keep it simple. A successful day the beach on Sunday followed by a morning full of errands and an evening at a local park. These are the moments that…

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  • Traveling Essentials

    Trips are always fun when you plan ahead!   After finding out we were going to visit our family, I knew there were a couple of things we needed to bring. And thankfully, we had three very important items: Snacks; fluids; and paper towels. Having these three things with us made our trip run a lot…

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  • Preparing For Upcoming Trips

    Planning ahead makes my life a lot easier… Whenever Jeff is home, we are always on-the-go. From dog parks to dog beaches and more, our trips always include our two boys. And this time around, we are getting ready for a trip up North to visit family. Well, not THAT up! Next month, we are heading…

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  • How To Celebrate Christmas Without Snow

    Holidays are tough, especially when you do not have your family around.  All my life I have associated Christmas with the winter season. After moving to South Florida, this coming holiday won’t be the same as others. For starters, I will be home with my little family and won’t be surrounded by those we left…

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