• Why I’m Over Trying To Be Supermom

    Why I’m Over Trying To Be Supermom

    I’ve given up on trying to be a supermom, and I’m glad I did. When you’re doing your best to wear too many hats, there comes a time when you have to start taking them off. The amount of praise you receive when you’re doing it all is great. It’s not until you make one mistake that you realize the critics start to come out. The biggest critic is always the first one to talk. Can you guess whom that might be? It’s the person you see in the mirror. Throughout the years I’ve had to learn how to balance money and

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  • That “Me” Activity

    That “Me” Activity

    When you enter the wonderful world of motherhood you quickly begin to realize that it’s no longer about you. Your needs are often thrown out the window and you’re staring at your new boss. You’re almost tempted to cut your hair very short to make personal care less time-consuming. Nights are tough for a good two to three months and you think twice about whether or not this whole parenting thing was meant for you. The last part is something you might question several times in your life as your child continues to grow. Terrible twos? Forget it, wait until

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  • Mom Breaks With Duncan Hines

    Mom Breaks With Duncan Hines

    This post is sponsored by Duncan Hines, in collaboration with The Motherhood. Finding time for myself can be tough. Caring for two boys and two pups while working from home means all I really get to myself are a couple of hours, and this includes sleep. When the clock strikes 8 pm, all I want to do is tuck myself into bed. But that’s nearly impossible these days. Although I only get a couple of hours to myself, they are moments in between when I get to sit back and relax. Taking the time to just breathe is one of them.

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