• Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    Save Cash With The South Florida Adventure Pass

    I received four complimentary South Florida Adventure Passes this month in exchange for my thoughts. I hope you get a chance to explore this money-saving option as well.  Family time is very important to us, but it’s been quite limited these days. My husband has been working long hours because his department is short-staffed.  Any day that we get to spend together is always a good one.  And this summer, things are about to get very interesting.  Yesterday, we stopped by Jungle Island to pick up our South Florida Adventure Passes, and explore the place.  Having these passes means we get unlimited access

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  • Home Improvement: Flooring Tips For Moms

    As you may or may not remember, Jeff and I are in search for our first family home here in South Florida. We’ve made some friends with real estate agents along the way. And this time, we got the chance to connect with Jeremy Lewin, Sales and Estimating Manager at East Coast Flooring & Interiors, to discuss tips for do-it-yourself projects and more.  East Coast Flooring & Interiors is a family-owned company. Lewin is the second generation, leading the company’s sales and marketing initiatives.  One of the biggest differences between homes in North Jersey and those in South Florida are the floors. Most homes

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  • How To Enjoy Fall In South Florida

    It may sound odd to those of you who have never lived in Florida, but it actually does get a bit chilly in the later months. I remember when we first moved almost two years ago, I would wake up freezing. Of course, Jeff would joke and suggest turning down the A/C, but it would drop to the high 50s on some mornings. Covered head to toe — and yes, in sweats! — I would turn on the space heater we brought from our home in NJ. Who knew we’d actually use it down here. There are fall/winter nights I’ve

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  • (CLOSED) Tabica Grill: Great Food, Awesome Staff

    (CLOSED) Tabica Grill: Great Food, Awesome Staff

    Image from Tabica Grill’s Facebook Page.  If ever you’re in Jupiter, Florida with your family, I highly recommend you stop by Tabica Grill. We found the place one afternoon we were starving from a local dog beach. We were thrilled to be able to go to a place that not only had really good online reviews, but allowed us to sit outside with our pup. And to top it all off, they brought out a water bowl for him to cool off. Although the outside seating isn’t the most inviting, we loved the staff. Everyone seemed dog-friendly and were quick

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  • All Smiles At The Keys

    Some places are worth the travel. When Jeff mentioned he wanted to take a trip to the Keys the first thing that came to mind was, that is a long drive! His reasoning behind it was to see something new. I am not a fan of long trips, but I do like to prepare for them. So, knowing where we were headed days in advance was beneficial. I mentioned in a previous post how I like to overpack and pack in advance whenever we plan a family trip. Doing so always gives me piece of mind. We had treats for the

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