Taming Wild Curls In 45 Mins

Taming Your CurlsHaving curly hair is probably one of the toughest things I have to deal with for the rest of my life. Most people I meet say curly hair is a blessing, but when your hair frizzes up right after spending almost an hour blowdrying it, you would understand my frustration.

Since moving to an area of warmer climate, it is easier for me to wash my hair and go. Because I prefer straightening my hair over rocking the curls, I had to find a way to minimize the 2+ hours I would spend blowdrying my hair. I researched several online blogs, online magazines, etc. With pointers here and there, I was able to put together a new technique to blowdrying my hair that allows me to cut the time I spend doing my hair by more than half — a true blessing for this mom!

What You Will Need
Heat Protectant Spray
Butterfly clips or hair ties
Oil (Olive oil, hair polish or Moroccan oil)
Flat iron

What To Do
Use a heat protector throughout your hair, with a focus on the ends. Section your hair (my hair is very curly and thick, so I do about 10 sections). Blowdry a section of your hair for 2-3 minutes. Use the flat iron for one minute on each section. Then move on to the next section with your blowdryer.

Apply oil when you finish your entire head. Some people prefer olive oil, but I like mixing hair polish and Moroccan oil. It makes my hair smell great and it protects it from heat damage.

Good luck!

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