Have you ever met anyone who would do their best to make you smile? Someone who understands what you go through on a daily basis and applauds your efforts? Someone who supports your decisions and coaches you when you’re not thinking straight?

I have, and I’m fortunate to call him my husband.

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My husband is the reason I’ve been able to stay sane throughout this journey into motherhood. He’s been one of my biggest supporters. Regardless of how tired he feels after work, he’s willing to tag himself in to take the kids on when he walks into the door. 

In the six-plus years we’ve known each other, there are a number of things I’ve told him. Most of them are of how much he means to me, but there are things I’d never want him to forget.

With everything you hear on the news and things that happen with those you love, I wanted to leave him a little something in case the inevitable ever happens. I don’t know how long I’ll have on this earth, but I want him to know how much he matters to me. 

Out of all the things I’ve ever told him, there are a few I have yet to say. Below are some of the thoughts that cross my mind whenever I think of him and the love we’ve created:

I know I’ve made him aware of this before, but I fear the thought of losing him more than our kids. He’s been an inspiration for me throughout the years and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the sacrifices he’s made.

He’s everything I’m not; patient, forgiving and loving to all those he meets. He doesn’t hold grudges and he’s always ready to take on anything that comes his way. 

Loving him has been the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. It just comes naturally and I try to show him daily.

I’ve never met anyone who could be so selfless and selfish all at once. Like, caring for his family and friends, and still being able to handle his family’s needs.

Sometimes I wonder where he gets the strength after a 12-hour shift to play with our boys, listen to my day or to cuddle up on the couch with the pups.

I’m the opposite when I’m exhausted. All I want to do is hide somewhere and eat fruit snacks. I guess that’s why we’ve been able to take on such a load together.

I love spending time with our family, but I look forward to moments when we get to sneak away together while our kids are asleep. There’s nothing like being in his arms.

It always feels like home. For me, it’s the best place to be and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Is there anything you’d tell your significant other if you had the chance to air it all out in a post? What would you share? 

18 responses to “Things I’d Like To Tell My Husband”

  1. Bless him! I love selfess people. They are the best to have in your life. It is so thoughtful of you to have dedicated the post to him really heart warming. I dont have a significant other but this gives me hope. hehe

  2. I just got the heebie jeebies because the way you feel for your husband is the way I feel for mine. I never knew I could love someone SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Yesterday he left for an overnight trip and he was still in the driveway in the car, and I was inside and I cried because I missed him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH – I am pregnant though too so um, that’s my excuse?

  3. Love this post. I learned the hard way in not telling a person I loved how I felt and they passed away. From that point on I have made it a point to always leave the conversation in person or on the phone with I love you. I now have my family on board and doing it.

  4. Why can it be so hard to tell someone these things, but so easy to write them? I’ve done a similar post a long time ago. Also, before I had surgery last year (I was so scared, it was my first time under anesthesia) I actually hand wrote letters to my husband, my kids, my parents, my sister, and my nephews. Now, it sounds a little over the top for just a thyroidectomy, but I wanted to make sure they all knew how I felt towards them.

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