That Hallmark Couple

Everyone you meet is going through something that you can’t see. And every couple has their own issues.

My husband told me a family member called us “that Hallmark couple”, and I laughed so loud to the thought of it.

Here’s the thing, we’re not perfect, and we’ll never claim to be.

We’re like anyone else, except we know how to balance each other out. We get upset, we have our disagreements and most importantly, we love each other like crazy.

What Makes Us ‘Perfect’
One thing that has helped up cope with everyday life is our ability to feed off other each other’s energy. When we have disagreements, We don’t yell, we discuss.

Some people find it strange how we don’t argue. The thing is, neither one of us like being yelled at and we do our best to calmly talk things out.

We tag-team through life, but understand we have certain tasks to complete ourselves. My husband won’t wash the dishes, and I won’t touch the garbage pails. Although, if necessary we both know we’ll gladly do so to help the other person out.

Yes, my husband forgets to take out the trash and the house isn’t always spotless, but we don’t get down each others’ throats about it. We understand that there are other things to be concerned with.

My husband works 50+ hours a week and I work from home. Together, we make the best out of the time we have to spend with our kids. Errands get done, but at our own pace. We dedicate time to the things that need our attention, like our family, including the pups.

So no, I won’t tell my husband to get up and take the trash out when he gets home from work. He’s taking that time to spend it with our kids, to pet the pups or just to simply breathe from a long day. And on most nights, he’s giving me a breather.

I don’t expect anyone to understand our madness, but I will let you know that regardless of anything, we’re always willing to stand by each other’s side… no matter how crazy our ideas might be.

What makes you “perfect” in the eyes of others?