Making time for everyone else is all fine and dandy if you actually set aside time for yourself. 
But that’s the problem with moms. They rarely ever do. 
Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and all I really wanted was to sleep in all day and let Jeff handle the kids. 
That didn’t happen, and part of me knew that doing so would be a lot more rare than a unicorn. 
Finding A Happy Medium 
Most days are all about my family, and by the time I get five minutes to myself, it’s just to close my eyes long enough to hear our infant needs me for his last feeding. 
But yesterday everyone was exhausted. 
Thankfully, I had moments to myself while at the beach; ten minute intervals of just me and the beautiful, clear ocean water.
Our time at Haulover Dog Park Beach was special because we were able to enjoy time with our boys — pup included. 
And then there was dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. We sat outside with our boys and felt the cool breeze from the late afternoon. 
Yesterday was perfect. 
…Until Jeff gave our very active toddler apple juice after he had two strawberry smoothies. 
Yes, there was throw up all over the bedsheets. 
The sheets were changed, and our toddler was bathed and off to sleep. Thankfully, it was late and our infant had fallen asleep. 
The only thing that kept me sane while I changed the bedsheets and set the others in the wash was thinking back to those moments in the water. It was so relaxing to be able to escape for a moment in time. 
So regardless, every day will contain minor setbacks. You just have to do your best and schedule some time to just breathe. 
How will you make time for yourself today? 

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