Even a tomboy grows up dreaming of the day she marries her first love. 

But my first love wasn’t meant for me. 
So we called off the engagement and went our separate ways.  

Some promises don’t come true, and some dreams are just… dreams. 
At 18 years old, I swore I had met my match. But time quickly made me realize love takes a lot more than just emotions. 

And Then There Was One
I enjoyed four years of the single life. A time when I learned a lot about myself and the things I wanted from life and relationships. 
I dated here and there, but most importantly, I dated myself. 
I fell madly in love with the person I had become. She was everything I hoped she’d be; determined, friendly, funny, and honest. 
I didn’t care if anyone else saw her beauty because she was amazing in my eyes. 
A Simple Celebration 
When Jeff and I met, marriage was one of the last things on my mind. 
But it definitely was on my mind.

It wasn’t on my mind because of Jeff,  it was on my mind because I wanted that, eventually. I wanted marriage when the time was right. 
I never got the wedding I had always dreamed of, nor did I ever get to use my Pinterest board on wedding tips and tricks (RIP “A Simple Celebration” Pinterest board, you were a fun idea). 
Jeff and I got married last year. It was short and sweet, but sometimes I wish I had actually celebrated it after. 
Maybe one day when the kids are older we’ll renew our vows. But for now, I’ll let go of that regret, and hold on to the love we have. 
Because after all, love is what makes a wedding day special. 

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