I Didn’t Want A Third Child

There’s a woman out there wishing she could get pregnant. She’s probably patiently awaiting the day she gets to read a positive pregnancy test.

One child is enough, and two are plenty. A third child just tips the scale.

That was my mentality when people would ask if we were “trying for a girl”.

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We weren’t trying for anything except, to enjoy the time we have with our two boys and two pups. I never imagined my life with “the perfect pair” as many would suggest having a boy and a girl would be.

Honestly, I always wanted two kids. Their gender was the last thing on my mind. In fact, their health was always a priority — still is today.

Speak It Into Existence

After purchasing our home, we had discussed how I had missed a period. My husband said I was just stressed out with the new changes and having to add more on my plate wasn’t helping.

There was truth to his words, but I knew my body. More importantly, I knew my body when it was pregnant. After two pregnancies, I was certain what my symptoms were: spotting, cramping and bloating.

I did tell my husband that if we were to have a third child, I know it’d be a girl. I used to joke that I knew when I was pregnant because I couldn’t stick my stomach in.

Hilarious, right? Yet, it always worked like a charm.

Confirmed Results

I thought about the possibility of having a third child plenty of times when we bought our home.

I was excited about the guestroom, but that was short-lived. Two months after moving in, the pregnancy test confirmed what I had felt.

We did three just to be sure.

Each test yielded the same results — a positive. I was pregnant.

Tears rolled down my cheeks. It wasn’t happy ones. They were the saltiest my tears had ever been.

My heart felt heavy the upcoming days. There was also a weight on my shoulders.

I would cry most of the nights when everyone was asleep. One day, I told my husband how I had been feeling.

He said it was a shock to him as well, but that he wasn’t willing to give up. He even brought up something his mom always said:

“Mijo, donde comen dos, comen cinco.” / “Son, where two can eat, so can five.”

That quote always stuck with me, and I had used it as a reminder whenever I felt at my lowest.

Falling In Love

Having a third child has taught our boys the beauty of love and working together. They tag-team the responsibilities that come with being an older brother.

Watching our three kids has been a blessing I would’ve never been able to experience had I not kept our child. After all, my husband needed a daughter as well.

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