Third Trimester Tips: What You Need To Know Before Going Into Labor

Your third trimester is finally here, and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the essentials, like planning your hospital bag and additional tips to keep in mind. As you prepare yourself to meet your child, there are a handful of things you’ll want to keep in mind.

During this time period, you’ll notice there will be days when you want to clean the house from top to bottom. There will be other days when you want to stay in bed.

Regardless of what you decide to do during your last trimester, it’s important to think about the big day when you meet your little one. More so that you start planning the things you’ll need to place in your hospital bag.

Not knowing what to expect during your third trimester, it can be a bit overwhelming. No matter how many times you search on Google how labor will be, it won’t be how your own labor will go.

Believe me, I tried that. It doesn’t matter what others have gone through, there’s no way of knowing how yours will go. Our firstborn was an unplanned C-Section, and it was the scariest, most beautiful day of my life.

The last trimester was one of my favorites! It’s the time when you prepare yourself to meet your child. How exciting is this?

Not sure how to pack a hospital bag? Here are a handful of items to keep in mind before your delivery date.
Find out what the third trimester will hold for you and your family.

Packing Your Hospital Bag

It’s the final stretch and you’ll need to prepare for your trip to the hospital and you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. I am one who thought of every little thing to bring with me to the hospital.

To help you avoid my mistake, I’ll give you a rundown of what you’ll need.

7 Things You’ll Need In Your Hospital Bag

Sanitary napkins

Yes, they give you a handful of sanitary napkins at the hospital, but they’re a little uncomfortable.

Comfortable underwear

Bringing your own underwear will keep you from having to use the mesh one they have. This is the time for those granny underwear you use for your period.

Your wallet

Make sure your wallet includes your health insurance care and driver’s license. You will need to have ID with you and information about your healthcare.

Coins/single dollar bills

You may not be able to get anything to eat until later on in the day. This means the cafeteria might be closed for you/family and friends. Having spare change or dollar bills comes in handy for those vending machines.

Baby’s going home outfit

Bringing home your baby means they will need something to wear (you know, they’re born naked!) Choose something that is loose and comfortable since their belly button won’t fall out until after you’ve been home for a couple of days.

Your going-home outfit

Be sure to pack something for you to wear too. Go with a light and flowly dress or something that makes you feel comfortable and you will be able to move around in.

Sandals for the shower

Using sandals for the shower will come in handy. Some hospitals don’t clean daily (eco-friendly) and you never know who used the shower last. Having sandals helps you get around the room as well.

Remember, your partner will have a chance to go home and return while you’re at the hospital so no need to worry if you might forget a thing or two.

Other Things You Should Know About The Third Trimester


You’ll want to prepare for the birth of your child, but in reality, you’ll be too tired. Not as tired as the first trimester but you’ll also need rest.


You should start discussing names if you haven’t done so already.

Baby Shower

Don’t plan it by yourself, or try to take the lead with it. You’re not Superwoman, and you’ll get upset if something goes wrong.

Trust me, I did that to myself and when everyone served themselves a plate and asked me where the utensils were I started to cry. I couldn’t remember where I had placed them.

Going Out

With work, family, and friends it can get a little difficult to have some “mommy and daddy” time. Take a weekend/day to yourselves and go out to dinner.

My honey and I went to Applebee’s the Sunday before I went into labor. We shared a few laughs and discussed the big day. It was a great stress-reliever and reminder of why we love each other.

Are you ready for your third trimester? Tell me about your experience below!

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Whether you're planning to make time for yourself or for your spouse, it's important to prepare your hospital bag during your third trimester. Find out what other things you can expect before going into labor.

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