As many of you know, Jeff and I have  recently welcomed our second child into this world and we couldn’t be happier. 
But there are some changes we’ve been working hard to implement this time around. For starters, we aren’t co-sleeping with our newborn. 
Breaking ‘Bad’ Habits 
Our first son, Sebastian, has been co-sleeping with us since he was born. Some parents might consider this a bad habit or a blessing because they actually have their little one next them. Regardless, this is one of the habits I’d like to break.
Trying to do away with this habit has been tough to do so since every time we decide to move Sebastian into his room we end up having family sleep over. 
As for Christian, he’s sleeping in his bassinet these days and is happy to be in there. It’s a lot safer since these days we have a wiggle worm for a toddler. 
Aside from co-sleeping, we have our big boy who is used to getting all the attention and at all times. Although he’s been great with the little guy, we don’t feel 100% safe sleeping with both on our queen mattress. Jeff used to joke about us needing a king mattress once the baby was born. But so far, we’ve been able to manage.
Showing More Love
With another child in the equation it’s all about balancing time for everyone. Right now I don’t feel much of the change because Jeff is home for work and my father is helping us. However, I am concerned about what happens once I’m left with both boys. 
I know there will be tears, and they won’t all be coming from my sons. I’m certain raising two boys won’t be easy but I’m sure it’s well worth it. And most importantly, I know they’ll both require a good chunk of my love and affection. 
Exercising The Mind, Body And Soul
I’d like to focus more on my well being. This is something I didn’t think of after Sebastian was born. 
Although I was careful with what I ate after having Sebastian, I didn’t work on strengthening my mind and soul. Oftentimes I would get frustrated with my son and need to take a breather. I want to implement meditation time for myself. A time when I reflect on life and its blessings. I hope to achieve this either through writing or just taking a couple of minutes to think about things. 

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