Tired Mom Tips: How To Get Your Energy Back

Being a tired mom does not make you a bad one. It means you are investing your energy into your role as a parent. Learn how you can handle exhausted mother syndrome and combat fatigue.

Becoming a mother can be an interesting time in your life. However, maternal exhaustion goes beyond the lack of sleep. Diet and mental health are also part of why motherhood can be exhausting. Something as simple as a messy home can lead to mom burnout. Feeling disconnected from others, emotional depletion, and being short-tempered are a handful of mom burnout symptoms you will notice in a tired mama.

What Causes Mommy Burnout?

Parents deal with constant demands from their children, which can cause stress. This can easily lead to mom burnout due to the lack of sleep, taking on a lot of tasks, and not making time for breaks. An exhausted mom often places other people’s needs before her own and often does not have a support system.

Another reason why women experience mom fatigue is because of the uneasy feeling you get from your intuition. Regardless of how much sleep you get, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This can lead to an increase in anxiety and forgetfulness.

tired mom tips - The Self-Care Mom

How Can Moms Get Energy Back?

Taking care of yourself is a great way to refuel your energy throughout the day. There are various self-care ideas you can try during the week to help you recharge including exercising, eating healthy, planning date nights or time out with friends. Getting your energy back can also mean cutting back on things. Delegating everyday tasks to others is one of the ways you can learn to stop exerting yourself too much.

How Can I Be A Good Mom When Tired?

Being a tired mom does not make you a bad one. Good mom qualities include learning how to cope with situations even in times of stress. You can use humor, offer an ear, and take breaks together to help you and your family deal with exhaustion. Planning a fun trip might not be your top priority at the moment, but it can help alleviate parental exhaustion.

tired mom tips - The Self-Care Mom

How Do You Play With Your Kids When You Are Tired?

Focusing on low energy activities is perfect for tired moms looking to spend time with their kids. Think of ways you can include sitting or lying down into your playtime. You can pretend to be a patient at the doctor’s office or offer to organize the play kitchen for a fake restaurant. Reading a story together is another option for a sleepy mom that can make spending time together easier when you are feeling overwhelmed. Use sounds and funny voices to make reading time enjoyable for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for moms to be tired all the time?

Moms can be tired for a number of reasons and it goes beyond physical exhaustion. It is completely normal for a mother to feel overwhelmed throughout the day. Be sure to get a yearly physical to rule out any other potential health concerns.

What are signs of exhaustion in mothers?

Signs of mom exhaustion include extreme fatigue, short-temperedness, isolation from others, feelings of mom guilt, and questioning life choices.

How do you deal with mom burnout?

Setting boundariescreating a routine, and mixing in weekly self-care ideas is an easy way to help cope with mom burnout. Being honest with those you love on how you are feeling can make a difference in your day.

How do you deal with a tired mother?

You can deal with an exhausted mom by allowing her to be honest about what she is feeling. Offering a hand and lowering your expectations for motherhood are other options that can help her learn to prioritize herself as well as her family.

What do you say to an exhausted mother?

When you notice a mom is tired, there are a few things you can say to help how they feel. Offering words of encouragement like, “You are not alone in this” can improve a mom’s mindset. Self-confidence affirmations can help with this.

Other phrases that can help when a mom needs energy:

“Your kids need you more than anything else”
“Perfection is a myth”
“Motherhood can be tough”
“You know what is best for your kids”

How to help a tired mom?

Reminding a mother that she does not need to do everything in one day can be beneficial to her mental health. You can offer to help with tasks to alleviate the stress.

How can moms look less tired?

Staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, sitting in the sun, and cutting back on unhealthy eating are all ways you can improve the way you look. Moms can use makeup such as concealer and highlighter to help enhance features on your face.

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