Top 5 Reasons Moms Are So Over Social Media

social media moms, social media, millennial moms, Okay, so maybe you enjoy sharing what you had for lunch or dinner, but for some moms, this is too much information.

For millennial moms, social media is becoming a nuisance. Sharing too much information ranked number one in the top five social media turnoffs, according to a Current study on what makes these moms take a step back from social sites.

What is interesting to me is how the top three reasons have something to do with what goes on behind closed doors. You always see these types of posts on Facebook. People love sharing a little too much about their personal relationships with family and friends. The last two reason — too much marketing content and annoyed by invites — are what drive me nuts!

I read a post once about how mom blogs have changed so much these days. They have gone from personal diaries to profitable weblogs. As I begin to turn my focus over to sponsored posts, I wonder if I will turn into one of those blogs, you know the ones that just post sponsored content.

What are your thoughts on these five reasons? Do you feel the same? Are there any other reasons you would like to add? 

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