Traveling Essentials

Traveling Essentials

Trips are always fun when you plan ahead!  

After finding out we were going to visit our family, I knew there were a couple of things we needed to bring. And thankfully, we had three very important items: Snacks; fluids; and paper towels.

Having these three things with us made our trip run a lot smoother. And I only know that these three things are important because my mom always packed them for our long car rides. I remember thinking it was so silly when my mom would pack the paper towel roll we were currently using at the house. All I could think of was, who does that? Well, apparently, my mom does. And now, I do too! For snacks, she would always pack fruits and juices for us, and she would fill up a big container with water because according to her, you just never know. The funny part is, I now do and say the same thing.

An Early Start Means An Early Arrival
Although we planned to leave our home at 7 a.m., we did not head out until 7:30 a.m. I do not know how we managed to get everything ready in less than an hour, but we did. I remember hearing my alarm go off at 6:35 a.m. and telling Jeff we had to get up and go. I got ready, prepared our usual on-the-go breakfast, and laid everything out on the table so I would not forget when I packed it all.

Our bags were already packed, I made sure of that a week prior to our trip. You can read all about that in my previous post here. With everything laid out, all Jeff had to do was put everything in the car while I got Sebastian ready. Poor little guy was chasing us around the house.

When it was time to go, the boys were excited and ready to head out. But before I could leave the house, I had to make sure we had the essential traveling items ready. So, I did a quick inventory check:

1. Snacks: Breakfast sandwiches; fruits; turkey bacon bits for Rocky; and Reese’s Spreads.
2. Liquids: Water bottles; coffee for Jeff; pineapple infused water for me; and chocolate milk for Sebastian.
3. Paper towels: The paper towel roll we were using at home, just in case 🙂

Everything was laid out and ready to go, and even overpacked for our short stay. You can read all about our little adventure here.

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