Time away from home is always a plus for our little ones. Although our eldest enjoys cuddling by the TV or iPad, there’s nothing more exciting than a trip to a local museum or park.

I made a promise to myself and the boys that we’d invest in more time outside during the week — and that’s what we’ve done.

From running around in the playground to trips to the museums, we’re making the best out of the time we have together. Even when my husband is working for “cookies and bones,” as he calls it.

Investing Time
We’ve been cautious with the amount of time we spend on our screens. That goes for me as well. I’m learning that our kids are watching our every move, and they’re copying us every step of the way. I want to make sure the lessons he takes from our lifestyles is positive. It’s never easy when you want to eat ice cream for breakfast or grab a fruit snack before dinner, but hey… we can’t all be perfect, right?

There are so many options to try at museums. One-day passes are always fun, but when you find a place you love and offers you the best options for your money, then I recommend getting a pass. We got a pass to seven local attractions over the summer for our family. It was blessing in disguise. We still visit some of these places today. In fact, as part of the 14 Days of Love giveaway, I’m giving away two prizes: A family of four pack to Jungle Island (Miami/Broward County residents) and $20 off admission fee (Broward residents) to Young At Art Museum. 

Click over to the #14DaysofLove giveaway here.

When you make your way to a local museum, you’re investing your time to learning about culture, educating yourself about the world around you. That’s one of the reasons why we enjoyed our trip to Jungle Island and YAA over the summer with our South Florida Adventure passes. The passes were a blessing for our boys and this mama who is always looking for something to keep the boys from hurting each other. You gotta love that sibling bond. 

What To Bring
When you’re traveling with two, you always want to lighten your load. A diaper bag and a stroller is enough for you to bring along.

We recently ditched the stroller and picked up a Radio Flyer 4-in-1 trike. It’s been helpful not only on family walks, but even just getting around from time to time. Family outings are easier on us since we don’t have too much to carry when we head out with our boys.

Packing a snack is key to dealing with tantrums we’ll experience during our trip. I’m not afraid to admit that I use chocolate milk as a bribe. 
And sometimes, it’s lollipops or chocolate bars. It works wonders for our eldest so I don’t mind carrying one or two from time to time.

What do you pack on family trips? 

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