I’ve shared our story several times in the past. It just never gets old for me (that, and I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since this crazy journey began. 
But regardless of how we got here, I have to say I’m glad we’ve reached this point.  
It hasn’t been easy, but definitely well worth it in the end. 
At times I’d question if any of the headaches were worth going through. From family to friends, there was always something coming in between us. You know, unnecessary drama that plagues every new relationship. 
I think the hardships we’ve overcome have made us who we are today. And a lot of the experiences have brought us even closer than we could ever have imagined. 
For us, it’s been more about how we’ve been able to manage things that are thrown our way. 
We Really Depend On Each Other
Everyone who has ever tried to make something work knows that it takes a lot of dedication. 

But in terms of relationships, it’s all about how much you can rely on each other. 
Success doesn’t come easy, and turning our crazy love story into a successful one hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. It took a lot of work, and personal growth — on both ends.
A lot of times people think we’ve been together for a lot longer than we have because of the way we get along. Heck, the couple across from us during our first date swore we had been dating for years. It was pretty funny. I’ll share more about it in the near future. 
We Genuinely Care 
The way we feel about each other is reflected on the way we care for our boys. And that to me says more about us than anything else. 
It might not always be this awesome, and time has shown us that it really can’t. But that’s okay. We take the good and the bad. And most importantly, if one of us isn’t have the best day ever, we talk about it. 
We embrace the bad just as much as we embrace the good. And I think that’s what makes our lives a little easier. 
We never experienced the whole traveling as a couple, vacationing here and there because of the way things happened so fast. Sometimes that would bother me, but I know that as time goes on, we’ll have the chance to do so. Right now isn’t the time for it, but I trust that there’s more to this crazy thing we call life. And I’m ready for it. 

36 responses to “Trust That There's More To Life”

  1. So important to embrace the good and the bad. Reminds me of the love is patient quote/verse! All those words are so true. I do hope that there is some travel in the future for you!

    • Thank you. I've been reaching out to more travel companies in hopes of getting a mini staycation with the family.

  2. Relationships can be the best kind of exhausting. I love your point about embracing both the good and the bad — without both, you wouldn't be where you are ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Relationships are exhausting and yet wonderful. I appreciate so much more the good ones because we survived the good and the bad times

  4. I think relationships can be sooooo hard as they take so much work. That part doesn't bother me but when the communication dies is when it gets bad – hopefully you never have to experience that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi Laura. Yes. Once the communication goes, everything else does too. It's sad, but a relationship that's worth working on, is the one you keep.

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